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Updated this site
Sweet Southern Tour
this is from our May 2013
Trip.  10 days on the road
check it our click on the
picture. Made 10/30/13
filmed 5/17/13
made 10/29/13
Just a quick note:  We have had some email's asking how to join us.  As far as this website we do not have a touring business.  We are
just a husband & wife who's passion is motorcycles and trips, and we share it with all others that are interested. We do promote
motorcycling and try to give some ideas of trips to do and give links etc...  Some of our trips we do have GPX files but with our new
Harley's we have been redoing all of our routes to work on the new GPS.   Now we do post most of trips on Let's Ride Gainesville, which
is a Google group we belong to, you have to join to post or see what rides are going on, we have links to them.   It is free.  
Life is short get out and ride!!!!!!
.Our latest
adventure was
checking out
Sleepy Hollow.  
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Our Key West Trip 2013
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new web page
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also on the web
page of our trip
check it out!!
Filmed 12/7/2013
Made 12/12/2013
Check out our little
trip to another
great restaurant,
this time in Ponce
Inlet, FL.  Click on
the picture to the
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web page with
links, maps, video,
and some pictures.
We have removed our Blog
Page.  You can still access
the old page by
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It just with Facebook which
we first post our pictures of
rides first. Then when we
have time we make the
webpage for the trip on this
site, just gets to busy.
Filmed 12/22/2013
Made   12/29/2013
Filmed 12/8/2013
Made 12/9/2013



Click on
Saint Marks Lighthouse 12/24/2013


We do our best to keep this website updated.  If you are really interested in
seeing more, follow us on Facebook.  There we post pictures during the day we
are making the ride sometimes little video clips of the place we are visiting, then
at the end of the day we post the album of our trip with nice size pictures on
Facebook, with a little write up.  Then in the following days we will make a web
page of the trip and take the time to make a short video of the trip, add maps,
links, so you too can make the same trip or incorporate it for your trip.  Hey it's all
about Getting out and Riding!!!!



Saint Simons Over Night Trip
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Hidden Treasure Port Orange, FL

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or on the
Picture for
and video

2/15-16/2014  Made
Marcia's Article of our Sweet Southern Tour back in 2013
Click on the picture below and it will take you to the article.  Yes
we have had the video out but held back on the webpage
because we thought it might have made a magazine
Coming soon we did not
plan on doing a video of
Bike Week this time but I
do have enough pictures
and a few clips of video
and will be posting a
video soon as possible.
Heres the video
Check out our
little trip to JB
located in Howey
in the Hills
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new webpage of
our St. Mary's
Labor Day trip.  
Also has a neat
video of our trip
Yes I am still working on the Nova Scotia
video, up to working on the 11th video of the
trip.  I try to add some stuff here which I am
doing today.  No web-page just a video of one
of our Eagle Rides, and a day trip.  Our You
Tube channel hosts these videos so you will
see them there first then Facebook and
finally here.  The day trip is just raw video.
I had the pleasure of riding with these guys, I shot
some video.  You need to check out their webpage
and Facebook page.  Click on the picture to the right
for our video we shot.  Also you can find them on the
Man and dog to take record-breaking,
65,000-mile motorcycle ride for fallen soldiers.
Filmed 2/1/2015
Made 3/22/2015
Filmed 4/10-12/2015
Made 4/17/2015
Arkansas 2015 (Road Trip)
All of the videos of the trip are finished and on our You Tube page.  Still finishing the last two
web pages of our trip.  (2/6/2016)
Remember folks our website here is in detail of trips with videos, links, pictures, and write ups.  Now we
still post a lot of stuff on Facebook and we also post all of our videos there too.  But there are a lot of little
trips we do that never make it here.  So is you are interested in all of our rides you should check our
Facebook page too!  
birthday ride
Click on the
picture for the
webpage and
be sure to
check out our
video of the trip
on the top of
the webpage!!