Sunday     3/31/2013
Sunday 3/31/2013 WOW, for the last few weeks I have not been able to ride because I fractured my foot in 3 places
and broke it in one.  Yesterday was our first ride that we posted in Let’s Ridge Gainesville.  
Also the first day I rode with all my boots on.  2 weeks earlier I had to make a ride to Ocala, but did not post it
because I was not sure if I could make it. Two weeks before that was Bike week in Daytona, wow my wife sure did
not look happy at all riding in the car over there, thank God she did not say the P word, I don’t think I was ready but
would have defiantly gone then on the bike. Today we will be heading to Finns in Flagler Beach.  Again we were a
fairly small group we thought so it’s Easter Sunday.  No new roads today but I did pass a few that I questioned.  We
met at the usual place and headed to East Palatka where we were joined with another couple.  I tell you spirits are
always happy and adventurous, and always cutting up.  Next stop Finns in Flagler Beach.  They were pretty busy, I
had the boiled shrimp still having to watch what I eat but at least alcohol is involved now.  From here instead of just
heading home we decided to take a ride up A1A.   Couple of the bridges we went over showed the ICW what a neat
sight with the sun shining blue skies and the water was such a nice blue shade.  I really felt like we were on a road
trip, you know the feeling.  Then we headed west towards East Palatka back to our usual gas station and there we
decided to go to Corky Bells at Gator Landing.  What a way to finish the day.  They had a one man band playing and
I had a few adult beverages.  No rush today, now we are only about an hour from home so are our friends who met
up with us.  After enjoying the music and watching the river, it was time to head home.  Oh what a nice day.