Sunday      4/23/2013
I can’t believe how fast time is going by.  I knew this blog would take a little time.  I hated homework in school, and for some reason I keep
thinking about homework doing this.  Yesterday, Saturday we were going on a ride then to Victory of Gainesville to do their demo rides, but it
rained and cancelled the ride.  So I took that time and mounted my old GPS onto my V-Rod, also added one of our midland CB radios, all hard
wired works great and planned on taking the V-Rod out for the Sunday trip. Today (Sunday)I went on a ride with Let’s Ride Gainesville to Falling
Creek Falls located North of Lake City, FL.  Sure wish my buddy was with me, she had to work today.   This was a short trip about 85 miles total.  
We have had some rain lately and because of that it helped with the falls.  Last time I was there the falls were a lot smaller.  The temperature is
still making its mind up today, I did wear a jacket most of the day.  Also a note if you go to the falls they do have bathrooms there.  We stopped
just in case on US41 just across the street from the road that leads you to the falls.  They are working on the bridge so the road was closed but
you could still take it to the park.  Now when the bridge is fixed you can go up a mile or two and there is a neat little church there on the left.  
Our friends Cliff and Lynn got married there a little over a year ago.  After the falls we headed back to Lake City to eat at Mike’s I will put a link if
they have a website.  Food was good.  We will be back.  On our way home we did hit some rain just enough to get your pants legs wet.  Now for
the like homework part, I am behind a few videos, and looks like I am putting another sign up saying video coming soon.  The video will be from
my GoPro but I am putting a video clip of just the falls that is linked to our Facebook page, just like the picture link I don’t think you have to
belong to Facebook to see it.  On another note this week starting Thursday is the beginning of Leesburg Bikefest one of my favorites hope to
see some of you there, if you see us say hi!