Three bananas restaurant
crescent city, FL
Sunday 2/23/2008
This ride originated like most do at Sandy's on Wednesday night.  Where are we going and what day? Tom is working
Saturday so Sunday is the day. I think it was Jill that suggested we go to Palatka and visit Ravine Gardens. I never herd of it,
but I am ready and Marcia is always ready for a ride. In the following days before Sunday, I spoke to Dave about our adventure
planed for Sunday. Dave, and Glo are very interested. Dave heard of a restaurant in Crescent City not far from Palatka, I have
heard of it too, but we could not recall the name. After a little research on the Internet there it was, Three Bananas, cool. So
the trip was planed everybody is to met up in Gainesville at (Publix) Hunters Crossing Sunday, we will go to Ravine Gardens
and explore. Next stop will be Three Bananas, and we will also try to get off of the beaten path. Come on Sunday!!!!!!
Sunday morning everyone meeting at Publix at Hunters Crossing
The weather is just great, no jacket required, just right. After an enjoyable
ride we were there, Ravine Gardens. We found out they charged by the
bike so the girls got on the back of our bikes. Off we go, I have no idea
what this place is about. We entered the small one way road. Oh WOW,
that's what I heard from Marcia on the back of my bike, she seemed a little
excited, but about what? She said look left, My words were OH SHIT, we
were ridding on like the side of a mountain road, with a good drop off, is
the best way to describe it, but after a few minutes of riding, easy peaceful
feeling is what came to mind. Several places to stop along the way with
picnic tables and even a rest room. The picture on the left is our first stop.
Cool I had no idea this was here. We started exploring and the usual
talking. For this time of the year there were a lot of colors from different
plants blooming. We loaded back up, off we went to the next stop.
Our first stop at ravine gardens
No, I did not cross the suspended bridge on my hands and
knees. Now, I am scared of heights, but this is fine, now I
can think of one or two bridges I crossed that I would have
preferred to cross in this so called fashion of hands and
knees, keeping that low profile. But this would defiantly
mess the minds of on lookers watching me get off my bike
and crawling across the bridge this way.
Everybody at our first stop at ravine gardens
On the road again, leaving the gardens we head south on US-17. The town of
Satsuma we made a right on to CR-309. Defiantly not as busy as US-17, also a
neat little road to ride. We followed it past Georgetown and onto Georgetown
Denver RD which we made a left on. Then a left on Union Ave. Right on
Junction RD, This took us right to US-17 were we made a left. We stayed on
US-17 until it was changing from 4 lane to 2 lane, at that area is a road to the
right which took us to the lake were we made a right on North Lake ST. Nice
view of the lake and Three Bananas is ahead.
The first thing in a distance I could see were BIKES, yes this is the place. The closer we got, the more I realized we have found another
one of those Gems. To us this is a great find, to many of you, you been coming here for years. Crescent City would be a great location
to stay for a weekend for riding. Your still in the country road riding area. I didn't check to see if there are any motels in the area. The
whole picture was great to take in, the building, lake, motorcycles, music playing, and the area. Years back Dave, Marcia, and I use to
ride and look for the best hamburger. Here at Three Bananas, I had the mushroom hamburger and it defiantly makes it to the top of the
list. I do recommend it.
Three Bananas Crescent City, FL
Now looking at these pictures,
are porch and enjoyed our
meal and Now looking at
these pictures, are you ready
to ride? We ate on the porch
and enjoyed our meal and
conversations. Inside they
also had a nice bar. I have put
a link at the top of the page to
Three Bananas, check it out. I
don't Now looking at these
pictures, are know for sure
the day we were you ready to
ride? We ate on the there if
there was a problem with
their visa machine or not. But
they do have also a ATM
inside. For Bike Week, it is
only about 50 miles away.
Look at the picture to the left, picture full belly, shade trees, light breeze, beer,
hammock .... I sure could have used one with the little breeze and being full. Well
we loaded up one more time and pointed the bikes towards Alachua. Going through
Palatka we took another route for a while heading home. Like always, on the way
home my mind starts thing.  What is Marcia and Jill thinking, the next trip for sure,
where, who knows, It just came to me BIKE WEEK when I get off of this boat, that
weekend we will be going to St. Augustine and Staying there while traveling back
and forth to Daytona for Bike Week. Until then, RIDE SAFE.............. JUST GET OUT
AND RIDE. Michel & Marcia
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3 Bananas
You ever have a video on You Tube disabled because of music copyright?  I have a few and I am in the process of redoing
these videos.  The video above is new, (2/7/2011) we just made it.  Since we have already made a web page of Three Banana’s
back in 2008, I am leaving it on the web page.  What is new on this page is the video above, a new Google map of the trip
which is really nice,.  You can download it on your computer or smart phone and zoom in on the roads.  Also if you download it
on your smart phone it is not quite a GPS but very close, for the fact it shows the route and it shows where you are at, which
makes it nice.  One other thing I noticed if you open this page with your smart phone the video looks better than the
computer.  Below the 2008 write up I have added some more pictures of this trip 2011.  Also I am leaving all the older maps.  
The Google map is the newest and is a little different.  I have also included a GPX file which you should be able to open with
most GPS program, I have always had to hit recalculate, and be sure to compare it to Google maps to see if it changed any
roads which it does some times.  If you have the time please vote on our video on You Tube.  
Thanks   Michel T
Click here for the new
map of the trip.  Note
we did not do the
section coming back
home off of Hwy 20 to
Hwy 21, we just kept
on Hwy 20.  If you have
the time it is a cool ride.
Our 2011 trip Below
We met here at the Home Depot & Subway parking lot.  Nice having Subway right here to get
that extra cup of coffee.
Our first stop is here in East Palatka, great place for a big group to
stop at, easy in and out.
We parked in front of the Sprague House B&B
I liked this picture, captured the moment here at 3 Banana's
I had called ahead a few days earlier to make sure we would have a place when we got there.  Worked out great, remember they do not
take visa, or checks, just cash.  They do have an ATM there, and if you want your bill separated for the table be sure to let them know.
Just a few more
pictures as I bring our
trip to a close.  Above
is a side view of three
Banana’s, so you can
see more parking here
on the side.  To the
left some of the girls
sitting in the little
chair. At the bottom a
neat picture looking
from their dock back
to the restaurant.  
This was our last stop.  I find this a nice place for everybody to say good bye.  We are by Newnan’s
Lake.  A lot of our group headed home before this stop.  We had some nice weather, and a good ride
there and back.  On the Google map I show us coming home and making a right onto Hwy 21, we ran
out of time to do this, if you have the time this too is a nice road, very country especially when you
make a left onto Price RD.  Until next time…..JUST GET OUT AND RIDE!!!         Michel T
Be sure to check it
with Google map,
sometimes they
take shorter routes.
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