Fernandina Beach
the Surf Restaurant
baldwin, fl
Fort Clinch
State Park
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This was one of those nice trips we made.  Great weather and just having a good time cutting
up. In the above picture is our first stop in Baldwin, FL this is also just about a 1/2 mile from
Everybody's Restaurant.  We are now starting the part of U.S 301 which is just a two lane, and at
this time with some pretty good pot holes.
Above picture is where we parked on the main part of Fernandina
Beach (old part of town).   Fernandina reminds me in a lot of ways
like St. Augustine, FL.  Plenty of little shops and a couple of bars
and restaurants, neat little museum which we visited in an earlier
trip here.
Here Dirk is sitting down, on the video I thought it was pretty good
catching on film, Dirks comments about all of the Mikes.  Maybe
later we may call him AKA BIG MIKE.
You know if there is something funny or unusual with all of us it is
going to be joked about, picked apart and here we are checking
everything out.
Nice little bar pub on the corner. We have had a few here in the
past. The last time was during the Annual Ship Festival.  Kind of
just takes you back in time.
A lot of history here.  Michael D getting some pictures of it.  I will
find the link to the musem if they have one and put it on the top of
the page.   I believe it was a jail house conveted to museum.
Here is our group down at the water front at the marina, just
having a great time.
Mike is right in
his element
here.  He loves
fishing.  When
we have rides
you can see
him thinking
fishing or
riding going
through his
head.  From
here we
crossed to the
other side of
the road and
headed back to
our bikes.
The trip down town was nice.  We saw quite a few other bikes out doing the same thing.  One other
thing I noticed from Yulee, FL to Fernandina on SR-200 the road has like indentions from the trucks I
guess going to the port in Fernandina especially the right lane so just be prepared.
OK, we saddled up and headed down A1A to the Surf Restaurant.  The time was working out just right
for us.  The Surf Restaurant is not more that 15 minutes down the road if that. You will go right by the
Fort Clinch State Park.  The entrance is even a nice ride.
As I mentioned in the video, seems like where ever we go some one is dissatisfied with their meal.  We have made about 3 trips lately to
the Surf and everyone was happy with their meal.  You can notice on the bottom right Marcia's plate those are home made potato chips,
they are good!
The above picture is 2 or 3 pictures stitched together.  So in the picture it looks like a curve here.  There is no cure just a strait road. I
think this use to be a motel years ago.  Kind of looks like a great place to have a motel now, especially if they had a band on the
weekends playing.  But no motel any more.
This is one of our last stops.  Here we are
in MacClenny on US 90.  On the route back
we did take a different way with back roads
again.  But the section from Baldwin to
Fernandina Beach was the same road US
301 and SR 200.  Well this brings the close
of our day trip. Just a few more weeks we
will be in Arkansas, spending almost 2
weeks there have all of our routes planed
just working on motels now.  Hope to see
you on the road.   Michel & Marcia
When looking at the bikes head-on this is to the right.  Last time we
were here it was hot.  Right now it is just the right temperature. I
am not looking forward to the heat this summer.
Michel Marcia
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