On a Sunday morning on December 17, 2006, Michel and I, along with our good friends and riding buddies, Steve and Jill Gaylor,
took a beautiful ride in North Florida. I will try to give a short history of each town or area we past through, (some places I can
not find a single thing about the town.) Around 10AM we got started from Alachua, FL. and found US highway 129 north from
Alachua. At Branford, we took a right on 129, I have never been  Branford, I didn't know it was that big. Branford is said to be the
diving capital of the world, wow I didn't know that either. Continuing north on 129 we went through O'Brien, can't
central Florida town, with a Saturday farmers market and turn of century historical architecture. The roads we took, in and
around the Live Oak area were rolling , curvy and peaceful. Lots of old farms with old farm houses and barns.Traveling on
north still on US 129/ St Rd 51, we passed through Suwannee Springs home of The Spirit of the Suwannee Park. Continuing on
north we get to the town of Jasper, FL. Jasper is also rich in history established in 1830 as a trading post by families from
Georgia and South Carolina. Jasper was named for Sgt. William Jasper a revolutionary war soldier, the area is cradled by the
Hwy 150 only
Florida country roads hwy 150
HWY 150
218.6 miles
Michel Marcia
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