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September 2016
Mountain Trip
Day 4 & 5
Day 2
Day 3
Day 1  this is where we ended up hooking up the truck to our toy hauler loaded up and headed to Fletcher
North Carolina where we're staying at RV park for about 9 days I do have a map that's on the right hand side
that's the route we took up. Our first ride started on day two, right now it's day 4 nice to have a little bit of
time to play catch-up with the website, Facebook and I have not made any videos yet I just don't have any
time and whenever I have some spare time I'll be working on some videos
Well this was our very first day to ride. Yesterday we kind of drug our home
Alachua, FL to Fletcher, North Carolina had a nice ride up in the truck. Morning came as usual first thing we have to
have is that cup of coffee, and we have our puppies with us so the second thing we have to do is to take our puppies
for a nice long walk then it is riding time! We had some nice roads, Karen had made this ride, this ride was called The
Sidewinder, our first stop was Chimney Rock, and we went to the Harley shop, poker chip and a T-shirt since we're
not going to do too many Harley stores. Behind the Harley shop they got a nice little river walk, so we walked just a
little bit of it. Just a few miles down the road we made our next stop walking around neat Little Flower Garden right
by the water, grabbed a few more pictures then it was time for us to do The Sidewinder, this was a pretty neat little ride, at the end we ate at this place I believe it was called Phil's BBQ. One
More Harley shop this time it’s a poker chip only. We left there we took just a little bit of the Blue Ridge Parkway quick stop at Walmart then back to our camp, man what a welcome our dogs
always give us, we took them for a walk, got an adult beverage, and cooled off a little bit in the pool. While at the pool we started to figure a name for my drone, Crash, Oh S***, No No No, well of
course these names came up with different events the drone presented me, I do believe before we finish this trip there will be a lot more names for the drone. I don’t have enough time to make
videos, but I have been filming so sometime in the near future I will make some videos of this trip. Tomorrow is another day of adventure and some more drone names until then…
September Mountain Trip (Day 3)
Updated about 2 weeks ago
Well I didn't post any pictures last night when it got close to 1 o'clock in the morning I stopped, but today is one of those do nothing days, which is kind of
enjoyable to take off and kick back, and post some pictures of yesterday’s ride. What nice weather we had yesterday we took off and in probably 15 minutes we
were on the Blue Ridge another sunny day quite a few people on the Blue Ridge we just took our time and enjoy and the temperature got down to 63* Kind of funny at one point this bike started passing us and it
got next to me and pointed to a nice overlook, I thought to myself, yeah that's a nice-looking overlook I don't know who this person was, later when we got to Little Switzerland I looked at my Facebook
Messenger and then realize it was one of my Facebook friends that's over visiting from Germany, I had seen where he was traveling over here on motorcycle but didn't get the chance to meet him. Well we ate
there at the café at Little Switzerland, food was good I didn't realize we were downtown Little Switzerland, there's not a whole lot there, well after we ate our meal we rode the Diamondback and enjoyed it, then
took some really neat roads which I was certain was going to turn into some big dog roads in the middle of nowhere which took us to Highway 80 which is the devil's whip, from there we were headed back to the
Bat Cave ( I always want to say Robin here) I had a few little roads coming in to Fletcher, NC but the last 10 miles I made a direct route to camp. Another great day to ride and like I said today we're just kicking
back tomorrow's another ride by the way this morning we met our Facebook buddy Wolfgang from Germany and his friend Ramon they stopped by the RV park, great meeting him and his buddy they might be
riding with us tomorrow well until tomorrow...
September Mountain trip (Day 5)

Well yesterday we did nothing, today first picture here is cream sausage & biscuits, we made this last week froze it ended up turning out pretty good. I mention to you that we had a Facebook friend Wolfgang
(from Germany) and his buddy Roman from Boston visit, well today they came over and they rode west with us. The morning started out with a lot of that Smokey Mountain Smoke. Our first stop was in
Dillsboro at the Kostas Family Restaurant after we ate we walked around not too much here then it was back to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Our first stop I wanted to fly the drone, the wind was pretty strong and
I was scared I would get it up in the air and that will be the last that I would see it. When we got to the highest point I did fly it. Worked great got one or two pictures and a little bit of video. As we got closer to
where we're going to get off the Blue Ridge Parkway I decided to fly it one more time, now I don't want to cut down this drone, I think it's pretty nice and the few times it's flown it has done a beautiful job, but
this one has its own destination in mind 3 different times. I watched it take off, immediately (It’s Way or Problem Child) (might be the new name) took off towards the mountain. You see when you let off the
controls it should just hover, not this bad boy, it was going to go crash right in the side of the mountain I was still able to use my Escape Route go straight up then it took me about 5 to 10 minutes just to get
that thing headed back to me every time I let off of the controls, it would take off, I finally made it back to where I was at and I got it to land, when I went to shut it off it started taking off again but it flipped not
sure what's going on but we'll find out. Our last stop we said our goodbyes to Wolfgang and his buddy Roman, pleasure meeting them. We headed back to the RV Park had a great welcome from our puppies,
after a long walk it was kick back time with an adult beverage talk about the days ride and the rides to come……more drone names too… until tomorrow….
Day 4 did nothing stayed at the RV
park, also met Wolfgang & Roman
they visited in the morning
We have not got this far yet!!
September Mountain Trip (Day 6)

Well so far we've been very lucky with the weather, matter of fact before we left we were expecting a couple of days of high
percentage of rain, so far it's been great. Little behind with posting our stories. We do get a full day of riding in today, we're
taking a nice ride heading over to Looking Glass Falls also we took Highway 276 and I’ll tell you this was one nice road, we
have had so many nice roads on this trip, it's been great can't wait to start making some videos of them when we get home.
Today it seemed like the GPS was against us, when it mess up we decided to stop for fueled, we made one more stop on
Highway 11 before we made to highway 276 before the falls. Well there's no problem with the waterfall, plenty of water and
nice. A lot of people stopped there to take pictures as we did. Our next destination was Jukebox Junction restaurant while on
Highway 276 I told Marcia when we pass Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground, we had stayed there ten or fifteen years ago,
man does time fly. The restaurant was very nice with that nostalgic look which I love, the food was not very expensive, it was
alright, we met another Rider from the Daytona Beach area and spoke to him for a little while, then we just enjoyed the ride
back to camp, tomorrow's another day
Day 7
Day 6
Well we got back from our trip yesterday evening, tonight I'm playing catch-up, this is day 7 we went to Hot Springs
took some nice roads getting there Highway 63 and Highway 209 some really nice roads to ride, morning started off
as usual Sprocket & Clutch went for a walk then they stayed in their chairs a little while just watching people go by.
After breakfast our ride started with a couple interstates to get to our main road 63 and then the pace slowed down a
lot. A lot of old barns and old houses, which in the near future will be gone. This whole trip we've had some nice
roads, and today was no different, when we made it to Hot Springs we ate at the Smoky Mountain Diner, then we
walked around the town to the little Visitor Center the lady there was very
knowledgeable, I asked her about these old barns we seen off these little roads, me and Ed figured they're probably 70 years old maybe, she was saying some of them are up to a hundred years old,
I asked what was the main crop, it surprised me, tobacco even got a picture of a tobacco field, I worked a little bit in tobacco when I was a kid, they do it differently here, they take the whole stalk at
once, definitely a neat little town to check out. After that it was time to head on back to camp, the road was still nice but nothing like 63 & 209 I had an idea to stay off the interstate at quitting time,
catching some back roads to the Blue Ridge Parkway, it was a good idea, somehow I went right downtown Asheville, well at least we got to see downtown Asheville at quitting time, then it was back
to the RV Park for a big welcome home from Sprocket and Clutch. I have one more day to catch up with pictures and a lot of work on videos to come later….