The Natchez Trace
May 2011

Today we did the wine tour, and finished the Natchez Trace. I hope we get everything in today boy that time thing is getting in our way.
The roads are now getting curvey with lots of rolling hills, nice ride up to the first stop at Keg Springs winery. Nice place, the owners treated us well
and we enjoyed the wine tasting and hospitality and we bought wine to be shipped home. Next stop was Amber Falls which was not too far away.
What a nice place the grounds are beautiful. The wine tasting room was under ground and it was nice and cool. The wine tasting was wonderful,
Micheal and Maragret, were most accommodating and  we all  bought wine to be shipped back home, and some us took a few bottles to be consumed
along the way as well. When we drove up one of the guys ask where we were from, when we told him he said wow your on a long poker run!
Now to finish the Trace, wow the roads are nice. We spent a little more time at the wineries than expected so we needed to get on down the road. We
stopped quickly at a beautiful overlook for pictures and then on to Bird Song Hallow bridge that carries you over a valley, it is beautiful, lots of pictures.
Sadly our next stop was the end of the Trace at Nashville Tennessee, but we continued on for lunch at the Loveless Motel and Café for lunch, they are
famous for their biscuits. Man we were all stuffed but we pushed on stopping at the Cool Springs Harley Davidson. Cliff was still having problems with
his bike and Ed needed a new tire. Cool Springs HD was very quick to assist us, to get us on our way, they even stayed open late to finish the bikes.
The rest of the riders went on ahead to the  Motel. Of course the last winery we were to visit was a no go, no time.
Not sure about tomorrow sounds like some bad weather coming.
This trip is going to be a little different.  I have made the web page and Marcia will be adding to it every evening if time will permit.  If you follow us on face-
book I will try to keep up to-date pictures (cell phone) as we go, I probably will not title too much until that evening, or correct my spelling which I am always
hitting wrong letters, along with not being the best speller.  We plan on putting some higher resolution pictures on the website with
Marcia’s write up every evening.  I will be taking video of this trip but will not posting until after the trip when I have had time to make it.  If any video gets
posted it will be on our other You Tube channel
MottoCruising which I would link to our face book.  My biggest problem experimenting with this is having
time and a good signal to post pictures as we go.  Not a friend, mention Natchez and we will add you.
Trip Starts
Natchez Trace Trip Day ONE
T – 2 days to go
Today is Wednesday May 18, 2011.  I noticed last night on facebook a few of us are starting to get excited about the trip.  Now I am
too.  The packing will not start until tomorrow.  I have my camcorder, camera, and all the equipment on the table getting ready to
inspect it one more time.  All batteries are charged.  I am even using my laptop right now to post this, and make sure everything
works when I go to post on our webpage, and edit face book.  The bikes have already been fueled up on our last ride Sunday.  In the
back of my mind I am still trying to figure out what not to take.  I have cleared my GPS and reloaded the maps of the trip and all nine
routes.  Last night I have sent everyone links for the Google maps I have made for each day of the trip, wow what a neat thing to have
with your smart phone.  Now I will stop and make my check list, first thing is paper maps, and print up my daily directions (stops, gas,
and food) I do notice the excitement is making it hard to stay focused.  One bit of sad news for me is, the 6 lbs of London Broil I sliced
and made beef jerky for the trip 2 weeks ago, I have already eaten.
T – 7 Hours 30 minutes
I think I have everything packed and I am ready.  Packing is kind of like editing video.  You keep making passes and take more things
out each time.  Wow even though I am busy it’s a little different with out my little buddy Sprocket.  I keep thinking what else what else,
but right now I still have some room for some Harley shirts that I will buy.  I am starting to get tired so I should sleep fine unless Marcia
wakes me up every 30 – 40 minutes asking if I am asleep.  She does not do very well with the night before.  In the morning after we are
packed hope to put a couple pictures on the site of the bikes packed.  Now it’s time to turn in.
T – 15 minutes
It’s here; bikes are loaded, had a little bit of a hard time going to sleep.  It is
foggy this morning here are two pictures before we head out.  I will post here
again tonight, and during the day try to get a few pictures from my phone onn
our face book.
This is in front of Browns
Restaurant in Alachua
Anybody need any sun
Just outside of Monticello
our first gas stop.  The old
gas station by the court
house is closed now.
Just outside of Monticello
with a group picture
We had nice weather and
some nice roads too.
This is in front of Fire
House Subs on the west
side of Dothan, AL
This is in front of Browns
Restaurant in Alachua
This is by Monroeville, time
to get some Red Stag.
click on the pictures below to see it full size
We had a nice ride on day one.  I started working on this last night; it sure
takes some time to just add this little bit.  Here it is early morning Saturday
May 21, 2011.  Now to edit our face book
Natchez Trace Trip Day ONE
Natchez Trace Trip Day Two
Friday May 20, 2011
As planned we all met at Browns in Alachua for breakfast. To be specific we is Michel and I, Ed and Karen, Cecil and  Diane,  Mike
and Linda, Cliff and Lyn and Herb and Rachel. Six couples with a total of 10 bikes.  Everyone was excited and ready to start our
adventure. We pointed our bikes north on 441 and headed for our first stop as planned in Monticello. We stayed pretty much on
schedule, and stopped at a gas station just outside of town, and fueled up, did the bathroom break and got something to drink,
then back on the road.
At Thomasville Georgia we started our tract west on US 84 West, this will take us all the way to Natchez. Dothan Alabama was our
lunch stopped at this point we have now traveled 238 miles. We stopped at Firehouse Subs for a quick lunch.  As usual some of
the folks were curious about our travel, and with limited seating a local couple invited Michel and I to share their table. We talked
about the trip and how fun it was to be traveling on the bikes with our friends.
After lunch we continued to travel on US 84, now getting into the rolling hills of Alabama, the roads are beautiful and fun to ride,
but a little different from our trip in 2006 but still just as beautiful.  After traveling just at 400 miles we arrived at our first night
lodging at Monroeville Alabama. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express, nice place and a fantastic staff. We checked in and then
headed pool side to cool off and indulged in some adult  refreshment. We nixed going out for dinner and decided on ordering
pizza. It was a great evening with good food, good drink and most of all good friends, you can’t ask for anything better than that.
Tomorrow Natchez………
This was the planned route
Day two again is more of just getting to Natchez.  I did not have time to post
anything on this site last night for Day Two but we did check down town
Natchez out and the bar we went to was open I think it's called Under the Hill
and had some good food at Pig Out.  I will post information of day two later this
evening as I  write this it is the beging of Day Three, we do the Natchez Trace
in another hour.
Natchez Trace Trip Day Three
Day three, finally we made it to the Natchez Trace.  We had a great day of
riding.  It’s late Sunday night; no it is early Monday morning.  I wanted to get
something on our website of the trip.  One of my favorite stops was eating at
the Old Country Store.  If you do the Trace you have to stop here and eat. This  
evening as I  write this it is the beginning of Day Three, we do the Natchez
Trace in another hour.
This is in the city of
Monticello, MS at the
Whistle Stop.
The Natchez Eola Hotel.  This
is one nice Hotel, I always
enjoy staying at these old
Hotels classy looking.
The Natchez Eola Hotel.  This
is one nice Hotel, I always
enjoy staying at these old
Hotels classy looking.
The Natchez Eola Hotel.  This
is one nice Hotel, I always
enjoy staying at these old
Hotels classy looking.
Looking from Natchez on to
the Mississippi River.  
Remember the date is May 21,
2011 and the river is cresting
Bowies Bar by the river in
Natchez, here we started
enjoying our trip to the
One more look at the Great
Mississippi River from
We ate here and the food was
great.  Everybody seemed to
really enjoy their meals
Inside of the Pig Out Inn.  
Neat just reading all of the
signs etc....
We met a cool Leprechaun at
the Under the Hill Saloon..
Just outside of the Under
the Hill Saloon.
Our first stop on the Natchez
Trace.  In 2006 this was the
first stop on the Trace.
This is Ranger Rick at Mount
Locust, and our new want to be
Junior Ranger Ed one of ours.
The Old Country Store.  If
you do the Trace you have
to stop here 2 thumbs up!!
This was inside the
restaurant. Mr D's sang his
song.  Great food.
The Windsor Ruins, this was
a neat stop. Marcia probably
has more written up
Picture of our bikes while
visiting the Windsor Ruins.
Picture of our bikes while
visiting the Windsor Ruins.
Here we were on Hwy 552.
Told the highway was open.  
We sent our scouts out.
Rocky Springs, for some
reason we always visit this
place over and over
This is us at the end of the night
looking at all the picture we took so
far. We were laughing, it was fun!
Day Three Map
Day Two Map
Natchez Trace day 2.
We left Monroeville after having breakfast  right there at the motel.bad. We got the bikes loaded up and ready and got  some pictures in front the motel and
then took off again on US 84. Beautiful roads some two lane but lots of 4 lanes and a good amount  of construction. Stopped in Monticello Georgia for lunch
and found the WhistleStop Restaurant, there were some bikes parked outside so it couldn't be to bad. The food was not what we thought it would be and the  
service was, well lets say different, I would not go there again.  After lunch we got back on 84 and headed for Natchez, Michel was anticipating going over
the bridge near Coffeeville, the Tombigbee River Bridge, it comes up quick as it is just over a hill. I have to admit it does sort of take your breath away.
Arriving in Natchez at a little after 5pm and we were excited to get out and see the town and the river front.  We had made reservations at the Natchez Eola
Hotel right downtown, this enabled us to be able to walk to the places we wanted to explore  without a problem. Great place to stay with a great staff, made
us feel right at home, the rooms were quaint and most of the rooms had baconies.  First on the agenda was to go down to the mighty Mississippi to view the
spectacular scenery and also experience the flood that is happening here. After freshening up and getting the road washed off we were off to explore.
First stop was the Bowie Bar right down on the river front and then dinner at the Pig Out restaurant. Really good food good portions and a great staff.
It was amazing too look just across the river and see the devasting flood it was so sad. We also wanted  to check out the Under the Hill Saloon, very
interesting place with an even more interesting owner. Its is even closer to the river, we were afraid that we wouldn't be able to go there due to the flooding,
but it was open, just no bathrooms due to the pumping stations being out of order. Okay place just a little smokey. Getting late we needed to get back and
get some sleep, we have a full day on the Trace.
Day 3 on the Natchez Trace.
We were packed up and ready to go by 930, some of us had breakfast while some had just coffee, we were saving ourselves for Mr. D’s,
more about that later. Finally we are on the Trace, BEAUTIFUL, first stop is Mt Locust, the only inn left existing on the Trace. This is were
traders would stay on their jounery back and forth on the trace to sell their wares. Here we met Ranger Rick, and found out that one of us
always want to be a junior ranger.
Moving on down the Trace we had planned a little side trip off the trace, the Church Hill Loop but that was not to happen due the road
being flooded, so on to our next stop, the place were saving our calories for. Mr. D's, Country Store Restaurant, best fried chicken ever.
Mr. D is a legend, not only does he cook the best fried chicken and port chops, he is also very entertaining, loved the hospitably and the
food, the peach and blackberry cobbler was to die for. He sang us a song and posed for pictures. After that incredible lunch we were
headed for our next stop the Windsor Ruins. This place is beautiful. Legend says that from a roof observatory, Mark Twain watched the
Mississippi River in the distance and the Confederate troops used the roof observatory as a lookout as Grant's Army cross the river. The
mansion burned to the ground after the war ended by a careless quest due to a lighted cigar.
Again we ran into a closed road due to flooding, so again a detour, and a missed trip to the Grand Gulf Military Park as well. Not being
discouraged we headed for Port Gibson for a gas and rest stop, and we were back on the Trace with our next stop being Rocky Springs.
Pretty neat place. Although is appeared to be a thriving community established in the late 1790s it failed do to the spring drying up, bad
agriculture practice, the Civil War, yellow fever and destructive crop insects.
We were finished with our travels for the day and stopped in Clinton for the night at our hotel. We were anticipating a get together
around the pool but it was not to happen due to our hotel having damage to the pool done during the tornados that came roaring through
in April. But the arranged for us to have the meeting room, so after getting freshened up we all assembled in the meeting room for
libations and a look at all the pictures we had taken during the trip. It was a great night, again good drink and good friends.
Now to bed to get ready for another day on the Natchez Trace.
Natchez Trace Trip Day Four
Reservoir Overlook, this is
always a neat place to take
picture of your group
Here we are at the Pearl
River site.  Looked like a
good fishing spot.
French Camp another stop you
have to make.  One year we ate
across the street at the Mason
Lodge, they had a great breakfast
Front porch at the French
Camp.  Lucky the rocking
chairs were not at the Old
Country Store.
Another view of French
Camp at the restaurant
defiantly that nostalgic look
and good food. Try their BLT
Again at French Camp we
enjoyed our meal and like
always had a Great time...
One of the highest spots in
Mississippi (Little Mountain)
this is right by Jeff Busby’s gas
station which is no longer open
Mathiston, Mississippi is
where there was a lot of
tornado damage along trace
but did not close it.
Tupelo Mississippi, the
town of Elvis, here we just
had a great time as always.
Ed summed it up best right
here for day 4 we were
cutting up for a few hours
Day Four Map
Still fight the problem of internet connections.  Right now it is Tuesday morning
and I am trying to finish this up before we leave on the bikes.  We have a busy
day today, a lot of miles to cover and a lot of things to see.  On our face book I
have not edited anything.  I got a good signal like I said at French Camp and
was sending pictures out as fast as I could.  Did see many, many trees down on
one section of the Trace.  But the Trace is open and still is one great ride.
Day 4 Natchez Trace
We left Clinton Mississippi at about 9 or so and got back on the trace. The first thing to see on the agenda was the Ross Barnett
Reservoir which was name for one of the 52nd governor of Mississippi. This manmade lake has 105 miles of shoreline and is 3 ½ miles
wide with 33,000 acres of surface area, and average depth of 12 feet. We stopped to take a look at this magnificent body of water and
grab some pictures.
Next stop was a turn off on the trace and a chance to see the actual Pearl River. It is said that in the early 1700’s French explorer Pierre
LeMoyne Sieur d’lberville sailed in the mouth of the river and found pearls there and as a result he name it the river of Pearls.
Turning back on the Trace we began to see some downed trees and signs of the tornados that have devastated the state. Its hard to
believe that nature can create such a turbulent wind as to cause such destruction, its truly amazing.
Lunch was at the French Camp settlement Café the food was great and it gave us a chance to give Ed his Junior Ranger sticker book.
What a laugh we had about this. Earlier in the trip we had stop at Mt Locust and Ed saw a junior ranger hat, and told us his secret that he
always wanted to be a junior ranger.
After lunch back on the Trace, again we see even more damage from the tornados, almost took your breath away what a site to see.
Unfortunately we experienced  engine trouble on one of the bikes and had to stop and make some adjustments, so our schedule for
sightseeing was shorten, but no worries we will fit that in tomorrow. For now we were hot and tired and ready to get to our nights
lodging and just kick back. Our motel was in Tupelo, and it had a pool for us to cool off in. Dinner was at the hotel restaurant and even
had two free drinks for each one of us. After supper retired poolside and to relax and discuss the days events.
Natchez Trace Trip Day Six
Natchez Trace Trip Day Seven
Natchez Trace Trip Day Five
DAY 5 Natchez Trace.
Every one was up early for a special treat. While we were at dinner the night before our server “Doris” told us about her brother in law and how he was one
of Elvis boyhood/lifelong friends. She ask us if we would like to meet with him of course we said yes. So, we were meeting with Guy Harris, for breakfast
we were excited He brought pictures and he presented a signed book, “We Remembered Elvis” to Cecil. Then we found out that his wife, Elaine was
serving us our breakfast. We spent as long as we could, listening to him talk of his stories of his good friend Elvis, growing up in
Tupelo with his family and friends.
Our first stop for the day was the birthplace of Elvis Presley, and the Tupelo care museum, and a drive by of the Tupelo Hardware Store where Elvis’s
mother bought his first guitar, then back to the Trace.
Tuscumbia Harley Davidson was our next stop, we got the “shirt” and Cliff needed to get his bike looked out, While we waited on that we went next door to
eat. The adjustments to the bike to long and we were back on the Trace, we were at this time trying to make up time, and we had a lot of pavement to cover.
We made a stop at the John Coffee Memorial Bridge over the Tennessee River, for a group picture, then on to the Meriwether Lewis park and mounument.
Getting late we made our way to Linden Tennessee and the Commodore Hotel for the night.
Great place to stay, Allen was our Inn keeper, and was anwsome, we had the whole Hotel to ourselves. Linden is a  cute little town and would be a good
place come again and use the hotel as an anchor, and explore the surrounding area.
We ate a great meal at the Rusty Hook Resturant. Then back to the motel for a little of kickback, where Cecil and Dianne sang us a tune that Cecil made up
while riding yesterday and today, so much fun and then up to bed to rest for our next days adventures.
Today its not looking to good weather wise. Got up at about 5am to rain and lots of wind. Kept looking at the weather on the computer
wishing it would get better.
By the time everyone was ready we got a break in the rain, so we suited up and made a run for it. It was not bad so we headed on to
Lynchburg and the Jack Daniels Distillery. Fantastic tour and we loved our guide Betty. Wish we could have stayed and explored the town
but we had to push on before the rain started again. Well we didn’t get very far before the skies darken and then the rain came and we
ducked into the Mason Café for lunch and to wait out the rain. We never got a reprieve so we just made plans to get to a motel in Scottsboro
and call it a day. It also gave us a chance to do some laundry.
The Mikes got together and devised a plan get us back on route so we could make the ride to Cheaha Mountain and possibly be able to stay
in the Lodge there since we didn’t make it today. We are hoping for good weather tomorrow.
Here we are getting ready
to leave Monroeville, The
lady who checked us in was
A meeting of the minds
before we took off.
One more group picture by
the sign.  This was at the
Holiday Inn Express.
Another gas stop along the
way.  Everybody doing
their thing.
I had the country fried
steak; I did expect a lot
more here.  I usually don’t
say much but was
I love classy old hotels, and
this one pretty well was
everything that I expected.  
Will defiantly stay here on
our next visit.
Hotel Eola also allowed us
to park our bikes in the
main entrance
Everybody meeting in the
lobby, getting ready to
check out the town...
I had fun just exploring the
Hotel, I think the others did
I thought this was cool;
they had our group on their
display board.
One more picture of the
inside of Hotel Eola.
Walking downtown and
exploring.  What a nice little
Okay we are thirsty, time to
find some refreshment so
we headed to Bowies
Need I say more?
This was our first stop on the
Trace coming from Natchez.  
Everyone was always
laughing, and having fun.
Need I say more.
I even have video of Mr. D
singing inside
This should give you an
Idea of how much we ate
here.  It was GREAT!!!
One last picture by the Old
Country Store, we were so
lucky that he had no
rocking chairs.
In 2006 we made this trip
and I have another picture
just like this but 7 years ago.
Links this day
The ride along the reservoir
is a nice view to see
Still at French Camp, we
had some great weather on
this trip, and tons of laughs
This is French Camp, a
great place for a stop.
Also on other side of
Trace is a gas station
Gassing up in Mathiston..
You never had to say smile,
because we were too busy
laughing the whole trip
Well there was no way I could keep up with the web page during the trip.
We are home working on this now.  I have done some re-editing of the
previous days.  Marcia did do most of the write ups during the trip.  I was
able to do a poor job of posting pictures on our facebook as we rode.
Day 8
Everyone is ready to leave Scottsboro. Our plan is to go to Cheaha Mountain and see if we can get the rooms back that we had to cancel
yesterday….but it’s a no go, so we will go and have lunch there anyway. The weather was a little cool with some clouds but that is okay.
The roads to Cheaha are fantastic and we all enjoyed the ride with all the hills and curves. Lunch at the park restaurant it was good, and the
view made it even more enjoyable, it was beautiful. This will be a place to come back to. The ride down was just as exciting.
After that our plan was to get as far south towards home as possible but stop around 5pm and do what we do best kick back.
Well as fate would have it Cliffs bike had some trouble again, so we found the nearest harley shop and we kicked murphrey’s law butt,
Opelika was just down the road about 20 miles they had a harley shop and its was about 5pm. Oh yeah, my bike had a tail light and
headlight out so it all worked out, and a plus we found a great place to stay just down from the HD shop and it was a good price and had a
pool. Big Swamp HD got Cliff  and Lynn back to the motel, and I hope they have the parts to fit my bike too. Life is good, so now time to kick
back…………..tomorrows plan is get on down the road and get home by Sunday.
Day 9
Just as planned, everyone is up getting breakfast, Cliff and Lynn got their ride back to the HD shop, and we will all meet there and wait until
Cliff’s bike is ready to roll, and yes they had the parts for my bike too. Now I have a headlight and a new red lens cover on the back.  It wasn’t
too bad of a wait, and everyone enjoyed looking at the bikes, and seeing what we couldn't live without, they had a terrific sale going on. Oh
and someone bought something really special there, more about that later.
At around 10am we were on our way, our destination was the Providence State Park, near Lumpkin it’s Georgia’s “little grand canyon".
Something special happen here, Cliff asked Lynn to marry him, we were all very surprized and very very happy for them both. We thank them
for letting us all be a part of this important part of their lives. Back on the road we were headed for Albany for lunch at Black Beards Restaurant
and then on to Moultrie, here we would spend our last night on the trip. We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, brand new motel and very nice as
well. We all got unpacked and then headed for the pool, nice hot tub and inside pool. We had a great time.
Day 10
Our last day on the road and the destination is HOME. You always say its great to get home, but as this is true, it was sad that we were at the end
of our trip. On the road by 10am, we only had a little over 100 miles before we would be home. We stopped just inside florida so those that
wanted to could take their helmets off. At Lake City we all stopped and hugged and said our good byes this was Cliff and Lynn’s get off point.
Everyone agreeded that this was the best trip ever, and how compatable all of us were, no friction, it was FANTASTIC.
At Alachua we all pealed off to our separate ways home. It was a wonderful trip, although we didn’t get to do and go to all the places we planned,
we did experience somethings that weren’t planned that made it all balance out. Most of all we became a family traveling along the backroads of
America, enjoying all the places, sights, sounds.  
My hopes are that we can all get together every year and do this again.
Natchez Trace Trip Day Eight
Natchez Trace Trip Day Nine
Natchez Trace Trip Day Ten
Here we are in Tupelo with
our picture with Guy Harris
one of Elvis boyhood life
long friends
Cecile talking with Guy.  
When we visited Elvis
museum we saw a lot of
information about Guy Harris
Guy’s license plate.  It really
was cool for Guy to come
down and talk to us about
Elvis we had a great time
Saying good by.  When I
went to his truck, he had
satellite radio on listening
to the Elvis station….cool
A picture of the pool were
we enjoyed the evening
and night at
We just pulled up to the
Elvis museum, to save on
u-turns I parked here.  
Wrong place we had to move
Wow they had a big parking
lot.  Everybody is off
This sign is by the little
building to the right of this
This is the little house
where Elvis was born.  I will
put a link; This is also
where the house was built
A statue of Elvis when he
was 13 years old
Not more than a mile or two
from Elvis museum is the
Tupelo Automobile Museu
Marcia has always loved
Mustangs.  One of the first
cars she saw
I like this car; 1948 was the
year the name was TUCKER
only 51 made
Foster Harley-Davidson in
Tuscumbia, AL was our next
stop.  This is the first place
they worked on Cliffs bike.
We walked next door to a
fast food place and ate
After we left the Harley
shop, we made a quick gas
stop before the trace.  Time
is flying now
We made a real quick stop
here for a picture, same
place we took a picture
back in 2003
Need I say more?
Still by the Lewis
Monument, and time is still
flying.  Cliff is trying to find
a part for his bike here too
The weather ahead looked
like rain, so we stop not to
take a chance later…. It did
not rain
Linden TN, we stayed at the
Commodore Hotel.  It was
old but one of my favorite
hotels on our trip
I really like the little town of
Linden, TN.  I felt it was
what America is about, the
few people I met I liked
This was taken inside of the
Commodore Hotel. They let us
use one of their conference
rooms to get together
They had some nice
murals, and I noticed even
the garbage cans were
decorated with tile work
In this picture are two store,
the first you can buy beer
etc… the second store you
can buy liquor
In the Commodore conference room
getting together, I will add more later
like the new song
Cecil and Dianne sung
for us here.  On another note; make
sure if you are in a dry county or not!!!.
Day Five Map
Links this day
Even working at home is taking a long time to write this up and put pictures
in.  Again if you enjoy a drink in the evening be sure to call ahead to see if
your motel is located in a dry county.  Every time we hear the Johnny Cash
song I’m going to Jackson we have the picture in our minds of a few of us
hauling tail from Clinton to Jackson the running around there looking where
we could buy some beer.  Michel T
Links this day
Wednesday day six. We
walked around Linden and
took some more pictures
after breakfast
This is in front of the
Commodore Hotel.  Alan
cooked us a great breakfast
Can you tell that I like this
town?  It is about 25 or so
miles off of the Trace
Few more pictures before we
leave.  Our group had a great
time here….oh well we had a
good time in every town
I love seeing our Flag fly.  
There was plenty of red
white, and blue here
Okay time to move on.  Last
picture of Linden, TN
We are now visiting the first
of two wineries; here we
are at Keg Springs, what a
neat road to get here
They did have a step drive
way to the parking lot, but
then again I don’t like
heights.  Everything was
Mike, Herb, and I rode over
to the fields where they
grew their grapes, fruit
This is our second stop
Amber Falls Winery.  It was
not very far from Keg
Springs Winery
Here we are at the back of
Amber Falls getting another
group picture
Inside Amber Falls, we
stayed here a little wile and
we enjoyed our stay
Leaving Amber Falls, I took
a few quick pictures, and
then someone from Amber
Falls took a picture of all of
us, this is it
This overlook is towards
the end of the Trace; once
again we took pictures here
in 2003
This picture is at the same
place I took the picture to left
that you just looked at, zoom
sure can make it look neat
Birdsong Hallow Bridge in
the background, Herb
making us laugh
This is the end of the
Natchez Trace for us, the
beginning if you are coming
from Nashville
Then we gassed up, and ate
at the Loveless Cafe, next
stop HD then to our motel
the Walking Horse Lodge
Day Six Map
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Early in the morning I heard
Marcia look out the window,
I saw the flashes of
lighting.  This is what we
woke to
They had a little breakfast;
also on the TV by Ed you
can see all the yellow on
the weather station
Watching all of the radars
we figure away around it,
here everybody is wiping
off their bikes
Alright first stop is the Jack
Daniels Distillery.  It is a
gravel parking lot, and a
I think they said allow 1
hour 15 mins for the tour.  
We were here a long time
Some of the girls in front of
the statue of Jack Daniels
Ed & Karen, I think
everybody has a picture in
front of the Jack Daniels
Just a few more pictures of
the Distillery, one note they
do have motorcycle parking,
when you come in it is to the
right, I did not see it coming in
I believe our tour guide was
Miss Betty; she was cool,
thanks Miss Betty
It just would be
Un-American to come all
the way over here and not
get a bottle
The weather turned bad,
had to change plans here
we are at a motel in
This is were things changed a little.  Rain, time, were against us.  I kept the Google
Map of what day 7 was suppose to be.  From Walking Horse Lodge to Jack Daniels
the roads were nice!!
Day Seven Map
planed route
Links this day
We are still having lots of fun, but by the amount of pictures you can tell
our trip is coming to an end.  We stayed here in Opelike.  We have now
added one day to our trip.  Now we are changing our routes
Here we stop about 20
miles from Cheaha State
Park seeing if we could get
reservations we had to
cancel yesterday
This is in front of the motel
and next to the restaurant
at Cheaha Mountain
This is one more place I
think everybody has a
picture of...
Here we are off the back
deck of the restaurant
Everybody grabbing a bite
to eat with a great view
Cliff’s bike started giving us
problems, so the girls
called ahead and set us up
with a room here
Day Eight Map
planed route
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Here they worked on Cliff’s
bike again; I think the
problem is solved, group
picture at Big Swamp HD
Just left the Harley shop
and fueling up for the day
Providence State Park this
is a little different, not
happy about the $5.00 per
bike thing
When I think of this place I
will always think of Cliff
proposing to Lynn
Marcia and I, I am not in the
video so I have to get in
some pictures
At the very end of the
parking lot they have like a
visitor’s center last picture
of the park
Here we are in Albany
eating at Black Beards
Restaurant food was great
Well we started our trip in a
Holiday Inn Express and
our last night was at a
Holiday Inn Express..
Well this is the last day that I have any pictures.  I do just sit back and laugh, I thought I
would be able to make this web page each night for each day.  No way.  When we do these
trips in the future I will just upload pictures on the photo album of that trip on face-book like
I have been doing for our day trips.  Then when I get home I will make the web-page
Day Nine Map
planed route
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