Nova scotia
Motorcycle Trip 2014
What will we be using to
capture our Trip

Video & Some pictures
Sony HDR-CX700V

Pictures on the road and
some video
GoPro 3 Black edition

Still pictures
Samsung NX1000

Back up  for pictures & videos
of the moment.
Samsung S-4 phone
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Auto Train
and the route
it will be taking
click on map
to the right
Below listed are all the days of the trip. We will be putting 1 day on each day for 18 days
If you have a smart TV which gets You Tube these
videos look great on a 55" screen look good on
your phone too.
4/4/2014 Well here I am trying to make a webpage for our future trip.  I have been using my little computer and testing how fast I can
make videos so when making the trip I can keep everybody up to date.  I am finding out video is really going to be limited, it just
takes too long.  So I will put some video clips of the trip and most likely from my cell phone, it will be a learning experience as we go.  
I will definitely put pictures up every night, they will be hosted on our Facebook page but will I just add to the album each night of
make a new album each day we will see.  What I understand with Facebook you do not have to be a member and I can post the link
here and everybody should be able to see it.  Marcia is talking about doing a write up each night too.  Also if we post any videos they
will be from our Facebook site most likely, but like I said a learning experance we may also use You Tube, so remember to click on
the bottom right on HD to see it in higher definition.  Our main You Tube channel is
motorcyclefreedom   We will definatly use that
channel for the finished video of our trip.  But our other channel
Motto Cruising we may use also, but like I said it all should be linked
on this webpage.  I may be experimenting with new gadgets to add to this page.  The Count Down Begins!!!
updated 6/1/2014
Updated 6/23/2014
Wow, the excitement is starting to grow!  I now seem to have a little bit of a hard time focusing of getting all our information and
things to do before the trip. My mind keeps putting me in the saddle in full explore mode on some beautiful roads hugging the ocean,
yeah and a little bit of wondering about some of these bridges we will have to cross especially the one at Prince Edward Island, I
know I won’t be able to hold my breath on that one lol.  I also have a Gamin GPS which has a picture viewer which is really neat.  I
can write up my time line for that day with all of the gas stops, food stops, motel, and phone numbers to call while on route, mileage
etc. and save it as a picture then while on the bike I can view this at any time, also do this with a document on my phone so I can look
at any day’s time line.  We have been practicing our packing techniques, which is the only time I feel a little sad.  Sprocket is laying
on the bed and every piece of clothing etc. we put or take out of the bag he is watching with sad looking eyes.  I am glad we got him
a dog especially at times like now, Clutch is her name, and she too is watching.  Never knew I could get so attached to a couple of
dogs, but they are family to us.  Time is moving and I saw I needed to add some stuff to our website here, so I don’t have to mess
with it on the road.  While I am doing this Marcia, is looking at You Tube videos of the auto train then back to Google maps street
view of roads we will be on, so every few minutes she is saying look at this, you got to see this, funny when we make the trip we will
remember seeing these different views.  I will be posting links here at the end of the day.  I will be putting pictures and maybe little
video clips on You Tube or Facebook as we go, then link them here.  Marcia’s write up will be on Facebook with the album of that day
but I will put it here too.  Well time to get back to cleaning up all of the extra maps we made before our route changes so I will not
get them mixed up.  Stay tuned     Michel T
Our Mascot 2Wheels 7/2/2014
Updated on Wednesday · Taken at Gainesville Harley-Davidson and Buell
Last Friday 6/27/2014 Marcia and I went over to Gainesville Harley Davidson and picked up our mascot 2Wheels. Here he is with his
buddies at the parts counter getting a photo op and getting some great advice by Nod for the trip. Kevin introduced us, and
Marcia and I introduced him to Karen & Ed. Already caught 2Wheels playing with Marcia’s phone and trying to set up a Facebook
page. After seeing how Junior Ranger (aka Ed) and 2Wheels got along so good, I know who will be taking him on his walks.
Thanks Kevin.
Today we finally finished all of our data for the trip on time lines, and Marcia's itinerary are now all uploaded in to my phone, and
laptop.  All our cameras are now cleaned and charged up ready to go.  Our GPS are loaded with maps of the trip, wow I can't believe
this day has come.  We have Sprocket & Clutch's stuff packed and ready for camp, thats at least what we call it and tell them.  Just a
few more thing to do to this site before we leave.  I do believe we will post all little video clips here from our Facebook page and all
little videos we be hosted on You Tube will be posted here too.  At the same time the weather channel topic is: Tropical Storm Arthur
Nears Hurricane Strength;
Pictures of our Mascot
and his buddies
Michel Marcia
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