thunder beach
fall of 2009
Wednesday September 23, 2009.  Our plans changed, Marcia had total of 4 days off.  What to do now.  We started checking out the
Internet and noticed Thunder Beach Annual Autumn Rally was going on at Panama City Beach.  Wow, it has been 7 years since we
last been to this rally, time to go again.  Now being retired, I plan on making these bike events that I have missed because of work.  
Thunder Beach is one of them, Leesburg, and Bainbridge is the others I am looking forward to visiting again.   Now we are both on
the computer.  It is nice that Thunder Beach has their own web site,  makes it easy to see all the events going on, places to stay, eat
, and see.  Through their web site we booked a room at Seahaven   When we got there and checked in , at the front desk they had
visitors map, Official Event Magazine, and some other brochures to check out which gave you a better idea what and where, and
when to go.  I put a link of the Visitors Map, Official Event Magazine, and some other links to places we visited.  The trip over there
was great, remember just getting on the road for us is great.   We took Hwy 27 out of High Springs, FL, and in Perry we took Hwy 98
which is always nice where the highway runs next to the water.   Our last trip was Put Your Feet Down on St. George which is the
same route we took this trip.  From Apalachicola onward we were on highways we have not traveled in a while,  and that was
welcomed.   I believe it was leaving Port St. Joe, we came upon a downed motorcycle in the opposite lane.  I don't know if any one
got hurt or not but did notice a for sale sign on the windshield of the motorcycle.   Soon we were in Panama City and it started
pouring.  We pulled over, well I kinda missed the turn we went right when the road bearded to the left.  There were a few other bikes
pulled over there enjoying the overhang.  We only stayed maybe 5 min.  I knew more rain was coming, so we got back on the bikes
and headed to Panama City Beach and sure enough about 2 miles down the roads it cleared up.  The last few mile seemed hot on the
road.  After checking in we found all of the little stores we could get our necessities, beer, wine, and snacks.
Still Friday night just out front of our motel in the parking area.  It's
always nice seeing other bikes, knowing they are doing the same
thing you are, and just as excited as you are.  We are just getting
ready to go next door to eat some thing at Sharky's.  
Here we are in front of Sharky's, checking the vendors out
front, and watching some of the bikes cruising by.  Then  
we went inside and ate.  They have an inside and outside
eating area.  Outside is a bar or two, and a band playing.
Still Friday night just finished eating, still in front of Sharky's.  We
took scenery in for a while then decided what we would do.  We
decided to take one bike and we rode the strip.  A lot of bikes on
the road, in parking lots, every where, cool.  
This was our last stop for Friday night  
Pier Park.  This was not here on  our
first trip.  Nice night, and another neat
place to go during Thunder Beach.
Saturday morning.  Let's go.  Just walking distance from the Seahaven was a dinner which had buffet breakfast.  Off we went.  
We walked past the different motels with all the bikes parked out front.  That alone can take time just to check the beauty of
some of these machines.  The dinner was busy just like I thought it would be, but they seemed to move us right along.  I got
my monies worth of food.  Back to the motel checking some more bikes out along the way.
This picture is by Club LaVela, a
very large parking lot with a few
vendors, and a lot of bikes.  This was
at the eastern most area.  So  we
started here and then headed west.  
So far the event looks great, you still
could get around pretty good with all
the bikes.  I did notice it was getting
just a little warmer today.  We also
wanted to find out where we where
going to eat supper at, and watch the
game.  Funny last time we came in
2002 we found a sports bar to eat
and watch the Gator game, while
snacking on oysters.  
Still at the Club LaVela parking lot and
Kuryakyn was there also.  The picture on the
right is of their bikes with a nice paint job and
a lot of accessories.   Right behind the bike
was the tent with all their accessories on
display.  From here our next stop was
Boardwalk Beach Resort.  There were a lot of
bikes here too.  I did enjoy the fact I could go
inside and they had plenty of vendors  in the
a/c.  Our next stop was going  to be Pinapple
Willy's.  We ended by passing it  (will catch it
later) and heading over to the Shoppes at
Edgewater Resorts.  I remembered this place
from 2002.  I think this is the place I saw my
first pocket bike.  You know those little crotch
rocket bikes that are very small.   Below is the
last picture of Club Lavela.
At Boardwalk Beach Resort, one of the first things we noticed was Butt Buffer was
also there.  They are also from Alachua, FL just like us.  On right was one of the fliers
posted with the events.  
Above we are at Shoppes at Edgewater Resorts.  Again lots of bikes, and vendors.  This is were we finally got our shirts.  I think
I like walking around the parking lot looking at bikes as much as checking the vendors out.  Pictures below are at Pier Park.  
Once again a lot of bikes.  With the color of the building, and the palm trees gives you that real tropical look for Panama City
Beach.  Looks pretty new I did not remember seeing this in 2002.  It still is Saturday here.
This was our longest stop.  Plenty of shops to  check out.  We were still figuring out where to watch the game.  Breakfast finally ran
out while we were here.  We ate at 5 men and a hamburger.  There was not that much on the menu, but I sure could have one of their
hamburgers and fries right now.  They were good.  We noticed a lot of dark cloud coming our way and decided to hear back to the
motel.  The motel was only about 3 minutes away, and we did feel just a few drops of rain pulling in the parking lot.
Here we are at Shuckums just a little walk from our motel.  We had some oysters while watching the Gators
play for the 1st half.  The oysters were great.   Speaking of great they have a crab bisque that is out of this
wold, I could have bowel while writing this.  
This is on the way to Shuckums, we ate breakfast the next morning here.  They had a good
buffet and I ate my monies worth as i had said earlier.  I see on the sign they have steaks too.  
Next time I will have to check it out.
The pictures above were taken while walking back from Shuckums,  All of a sudden the bottom fell out, we
ran under the cover by the gas pumps.  It was funny how all the bikes came out of now where, and filled up
any empty spaces under the canapé by the pumps.
This is the last picture of Thunder Beach.  I can't believe I still have not finished this page.  Tonight is Marcia's Birthday, I drove her to
work this morning so I could pick her up from work and go to Sandy' s tonight.   I hope to have this page up before we leave in the
morning we will see.  Tomorrow is Biketober Fest in Daytona.  We will be there for 3 night and 4 days.  Thunder Beach  was great and
we will be making that trip again, until next time hope to see you on the road, until then JUST GET OUT AND RIDE...  Michel
Michel Marcia
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