Thunder Beach
Fall of 2010
Thunder Beach
Let's Ride Gainesville 9/30/2010
made 1/22/2011
Thunder Beach
Let's Ride Gainesville 9/30/2010
made 1/22/2011
Thunder Beach 2010, what a nice day.  For once it has cooled down a little, feels good.  Here we are In Perry; FL on the left
photo, on the right is Carabelle, FL which is also the home of the world’s smallest police station.
Looking from the gas station you can see in the center of this picture the little phone booth which is the police
station.  Carabelle is a neat little town, and every time I cross their bridge I always shoot some video.  They have a
large marina which one day we will stop and check out.  I m sure they have some neat little restaurants there too.
Here is a close up of the police station, in the video I joke saying you think the
station is small you should see the police cars.  But something tells me the thickets
aren’t too small.
Like I said earlier the weather is great.  All the heat all summer long and this is the first break at least on the way up.  It
was not cold but felt real good for a change riding.  Here we are in Apalachicola at the Up the Creek Raw Bar, we had
been here before on another trip.  The food was good and the atmosphere was just what you would expect.  
Here we are above getting ready to order.  This day it’s John & Kim, Jill, and Marcia and I, the rest of our bunch will be
up tomorrow.  After exploring the restaurant we had a good meal and you know how it is, this is the first day of our trip
and we are excited and having a great time already.
Well we were only about a mile from the cemetery.  Man it is amazing where all these people came from, all around the
world.  Some how when I looked at Apalachicola I thought of Indians, and old trappers and fishermen.  A lot of people
from Europe are here.  At one time this also was a very large port.  Like I said before, we have a web page here on
Apalachicola and at that time visited the museums and learn a lot of the town.  Even the father of refrigerant you could
say was from here.
Here are a couple
more pictures of
the cemetery.  
Defiantly a cool
looking place.  We
stayed at a B&B
just across the
street from here a
few years back.
Pier Park, this place has the right settings for a bike event.  Nice wide streets plenty of parking for motorcycles and plenty to
do here.  There are a few sport bars etc...  The one thing that was missing here were vendors, unless they had them way at
the end of the road.  The color of the buildings sure gave it that Florida Keys or just Florida beach look.  I just wishI they had a
motel here with a balcony over looking the street, I would have been fine just sit out there and watching people go by.
Just a few more pictures of Pier Park at night time.  Tomorrow night when our
whole bunch of us will be together we will revisit here.
Friday morning looking out from our balcony.  Now the rest of our bunch is on the road right now leaving Gainesville heading our way.  We
will see them this afternoon.  We left our motel and walked over to the diner.  Cool old dinner, and best of all they have a breakfast buffet.  
Making road trips I love it when we find buffets to eat at, for one it’s all you can eat which should I say fits me well, plus you don’t have to
wait all this time for breakfast to be cooked its ready and your stay will be short.
After eating we headed to
Fort Walton Beach.  We
took the road along the
ocean when ever we could.  
Wow this place has really
grown up a lot.  Also gives
you the question is
everybody a millionaire
here?  Man they have some
nice homes.  Of course we
found the Harley shop in
Fort Walton and had to
make a stop there.
Now on the way up we past  the Crab Trap (picture above and below).  So on the way back we
decided to stop and get something to eat.  Another nice stop and the food was good.  I sure could
have just kicked back on the back deck.  The restaurant was a large in size, and the food was
good.  One thing that did catch my eye was the unusual ceiling fans, I never seen them like that.
This is the view of the restaurant from the beach side.
Talking about views, this one is from the balcony of our motel.  All the sunsets were very nice.  Looking at
this picture I know it is Friday evening, the rest of our group has made it in from Gainesville, and in a short
while we will be getting together in the parking lot and once again heading to Pier Park.
Waited a few minutes and took another picture of the sun set, but this time I used the zoom on
the camera.  Looks pretty inviting doesn’t it?
Here we are altogether at Tootsies in Pier Park.  We ate here both Thursday night and tonight which is Friday night.  The food was good here
too.  We did a lot of dancing and messing with the Alabama fans, we are from Gainesville (Florida Gators) and we were doing our Gator
Chop…..  I know our Alabama buddies missed us Saturday night; we kind of kept a low profile as the night got later.  We did enjoy Tootsies.
These 3 pictures we are across the street from
Boardwalk Beach Resort.  Always seems busy here,
and plenty of vendors.  One thing nice is if it is hot
outside you can go inside and you are in the AC.  
Here we did a little shopping, and at the bottom the
picture is of the girls sitting just inside the entrance, I
wish I had a couple of cans with change in them for
the girls to collect some trip money, or even beer
We have been here before too.  But we never made it inside Club Lavela, I am sure this place must be rocking at night.  The pictures above
and below are all by Club Lavela, in the front (parking lot) they have a lot of vendors, inside looked like they were starting the crowd up by
throwing free tee shirts.  They also have a restaurant here too which we ate at.  After this stop it was back to the motel.
Ok picture on the left we are back by our
motel.  The picture is next door by
Sharkeys checking out some of the bikes
and vendors.  Now the game plan was to
meet at a certain time in the parking lot.   I
forgot what time we were supposed to
meet.  We must be very close to the time
change because we set our alarms on our
cell phones and at the time we were
suppose to meet in the parking lot, there
were only a few of us everybody else was
late?  No our phones switched back to
Eastern Time so we lost an hour of napping.
Top two pictures we are in the parking lot at Seahaven loading up and getting ready to head home.  
We went up to another section they had vendors at on the way home, and ate at one of the fast food
chains, then loaded up and left Panama City Beach.  We had a great time as usual.
Here is a little history of St. Marks.  Some of our friends have a ride (Put you feet down in St. George Island) which brought us here to
another restaurant that a hurricane took out a few years ago.  We have ever since then been coming to St. Marks to make a quick food stop.
Here is a picture taken from their dock looking back at their restaurant.  Again the food was good, the
scenery was great, and our crowd was cutting up as usual, we had a great time.
This ride was posted on Let’s Ride Gainesville, and most of the riders were Eagle Riders from Sunshine Eagles 4518.  I
tell you we have some great friends.  It does not take much for us to cut up and have a good time and we do.  Thunder
Beach was great, we all enjoyed the event and most are planning on making this trip again.  Also on another note, we
could be going anywhere and we would have a great time.  Hope you enjoyed the web page and videos.  Until next time
JUST GET OUT AND RIDE!!!   Michel & Marcia
Michel Marcia
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