Thunder Beach
Fall of 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Michel Marcia
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Here we are in St. Marks and we are pumped up.  We have good
weather and the next stop is Indian Pass, to eat….
I like Indian Pass, the food was good, we were welcomed, and from
here it was a regular day ride.
Above picture you can see the smiles on our faces.  We are having a great time.  You know the ride is great, I mean we are ready for Thunder
Beach, and we always have a great time, but remember we are on motorcycles and we are going to enjoy  every mile…… we did!  Some
pictures of inside and one of the parking on the side of the building.
Wow, inside they had a wooden Indian…..  I have noticed a trend Cliff has stare.  On the picture to the left was at Indian Pass, the one
on the Right is from Natchez, MS.  I think he is trying to out start him, I am not real sure, but I have been thinking of sneaking up and
lightly slapping Cliff while he is staring, might make some good video
This is our buddy Mike.  Right now I don’t think Mike has anything on
his mind except that there is some good meat inside those crab
legs.  You notice the place looks empty?  We are all outside waiting,
waiting, waiting, you get the picture.  I love the song Cecil made,
talks about our trip's key events this is one of them.   
Well Mike finished the crab legs and here we are Thunder Beach.  
Man are we excited and they have an adult beverage store across
the street, what a buffet too, Oh life is good.
Now across the street this is what we see.  We call this a welcome
to Thunder Beach sign
Now across the street this is what we see.  We call this a welcome
to Thunder Beach sign
This is where we are staying, and most of us have already booked
rooms for the fall Rally 2012.  Hotel Chateau.  I am so ready.
This is the view from our room…. Nice
Cliff and Lynn had a great Idea, let’s go to DeFuniak Springs and
check the winery out Chautauqua Winery.  We always seem to
have a good time.  We sample some wines and brought some back.
Here we are watching an interesting video of the Winery
Back to the motel, everybody into the pool.  You know they also
have a live web cam here so your friends back home can see you.
Here we are at Tootsies, every trip we seem to visit Pier Park and
our choice has all ways been Tootsies, food was good and quick, I
would like to see Cecil up on the stage singing his Thunder Beach
song one time, I know everybody would relate to it.
We also have been very lucky everybody was able to sit close
One last picture at Tootsies and then back to our motel
Even though they had karaoke night, we had our own and we
sounded pretty good….. yes alcohol was involved
Here we are singing, see some of the people have long sleeves
on…. It was a little windy.  I try to carry as little as I can on a trip.  
For moments like this I have boots and flip flops for my feet.  
Whenever it is a little cool I put socks on pull the socks in a little by
my big toe so I can slip my flip flops on.  More on that later
Saturday was our exploring day.  We check different vendors out at
different locations, here we are at Club LaVela
We walked around for a while here
I liked the paint job on this bike
Over to the Boardwalk not very far from Club LaVela
Next stop Shoppes at Edgewater.  It seems nice starting at Club
LaVela then to The Boardwalk, just keep going west next stop here,
then continue to Pier Park, and end at Frank Brown Park one
direction all the way.
Cliff & Lynn
Last picture of Shoppes at Edgewater
Frank Brown Park, I knew of the place but this is the first time we've
been here.  Again the route is so nice one direction to here.  There
are a lot more places to check out and we will eventually
Frank Brown Park plenty of parking and a lot of vendors
Tootsies in Pier Park during the day
Another picture of Pier Park, seeing the sand and the colors of the
buildings makes you think you’re in the Keys.
Here we are at our motel ready for the Gator game.  Last year we
did not do to good…………this year we did not do so good, but we
still had a great  time partying.
The game started out very emotional ……. Then we lost!
Now during half time and after everybody gave me a hard time last night for my flip flops with socks on, I looked around and everybody has
flip flops with socks and now they have named this combination camel toes.  This also made it into Cecil’s Thunder Beach song.  Alcohol
again was involved
2 stops we made before we made it to ST. Marks.  All pictures below are of St. Marks
This was our last food stop.  It is starting to be a tradition for us stopping here.  We had a great time and wish we could make the Spring Rally
but we will be there in the fall.  I have put at the top of the page links to places we either ate or visited to maybe give you guys some idea.  
Oh yea we do have our main video but also a video we made just for Cecil’s song of Thunder Beach which tells the story in a song.
See you at the Fall Rally….
Thunder Beach Fall Rally
Above video of Thunder Beach 2012 we missed
2013 but will make up with 2014!!!
This will be our
first trip to the
new Harley
This webpage is of Thunder Beach 2011, we only had a video of 2012 but do have links to our 2009 and
2010 webpage.