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Saint Marys, GA
A Big Wheel RV Park
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Big Wheel RV Park is very nice beautiful sites. Paved roads with nice concrete pad pull thru pads. Only 35 sites and a nice pondWell we got here Monday and I got to say this is a nice little RV park here, not very very big, but
friendly people, pleasent to the eye.
Alachua to
St. Marys,GA
Today was our first day on the bikes, the weather was just great! We started the day with a picture right in front of the RV park and then we went down US17, seen a lot of the old houses, this was one of the
main roads before the interstate. Our first stop was at Mud Cat Charlie’s to check it out. Looks like a pretty neat place to grab a bite nice scenery lots of boats but we had another place in mind today maybe
tomorrow we'll check this place out I don't know. We kept on pushing went through a nice little town of Darien. Soon as we crossed the river into Darien we bear to the right nice country road for quite a few
miles and we headed to Pelican Point. This place was great, I mean I like these old nostalgic looking places, this definitely was one with the fish docks they also have on Wednesdays through the weekend all
you can eat buffets! This sounds great, I don't think we'll make it there with our schedule, we let the Drone fly several times today and here again we let it fly took some pictures to give you a perspective what
it looks like then we headed back to the Raptor, we just backtracked, I will have map in the pictures when you click on it there will be a link that will take you to Google Maps and see our route and check out
anything interesting to you. Next stop was back to Darien Georgia and we just kind of walked around, look like the old Main Street they had another restaurant there we didn't check it out but definitely a neat
little place to walk around, and there was some history there too as you'll see one or 2 pictures of historic markers, one thing that did catch my eye was this big tree that was growing in what was part of the
wall at one time kind of neat, then we pushed on home we did see one of the restaurant that we stopped at several years ago at a buffet on our way up to Savannah and then Myrtle Beach with our group years,
brought back some great memories. When we got back it was adult beverage time, and we took Sprocket and Clutch for a walk, we broke out the grill cooked a great meal and here I am in what we call the Bike
Room putting these pictures together and this little write up I am trying to work on our video every night so when we get home it will almost be ready, well tomorrow's another day see you in a road…
Well it's getting late finally my computer updated! Today there was no route, We were going to Brunswick then to St. Simons Island and that's just what we did started off like always with the puppies taking them for their walk
had some great bacon and eggs nice little ride great temperatures going to Brunswick. I never use my heal shifter, it fell off today, puzzled me bolt still in it and tight, no stripped spline still had the grove where the bolt goes
through on the side of the shaft…. I had my usual Diet Coke and peanuts at our gas stop. Next stop was a neat little place Blythe Island Campground, there we let the drone loose for a little while and took a few pictures one
of them you can see my favorite Bridge, seen it about 6 different times today and decided I wasn't going to go over it today from there we ended up at the Harley-Davidson shop then from there Saint Simons Island. Man
we've seen these stuff animals, I could just picture Sprocket and Clutch tearing into them trying to find the squeaky toy inside, I should have bought one just see what they do. Ate at Barbara Jean's also I picked up a neat
little shot glass, time went by pretty quick especially when we didn't start off until 11:30 had a nice day easy going, one day left and it'll be time to head back home…….
This is our last day I don't think we put more than 20 miles on our bikes. After doing our morning routine taking Sprocket & Clutch for a walk I decided to get a little time in with the drone here at the RV Park
before we took off. Our first stop was the ruins of Tabby Sugar Works, and then it was off to Old Saint Mary's I thought this would be a great place to fly the drone, well looking at the apps I have, I was within 5
miles of the airport so I'm supposed to call airport to get permission, alright no problem, that took a while to get the right phone number because Google's got the wrong phone number for the airport, after the
county, then the city I finally spoke to someone I was told they could not make that decision about me flying a drone in that area, I have to talk to FAA so after about 40 minutes since I started this between
looking for the phone numbers I got a hold of the FAA which I had to call another phone number which I did, then I was transferred to someone who could give me more information on it, so then I got
transferred to their voice mail so needless to say I never got any aerial photos St Mary's. I got to say the main road coming in here to Saint Mary’s, they are all set up for Halloween all kinds of decorations of
characters almost a quarter mile along the way, pretty cool they went all out. We walked around for a while, soon it was time to head back, we made one last stop they had a concrete submarine at the entrance
of the Naval Base, so we took a couple pictures. Back in 2009 we were here and took pictures of the sub, also brought back some memories I've docked a few hundred of these, and did a lot of unassisted
maneuvers with these subs at Port Canaveral. Back to the RV park, we took the pups for a walk and it was time to load bikes, talk to our neighbor Glenn for a while, now it's time to call it a night, Looking
forward to our next adventure……
Well day 5 came last two pictures of the trip.  Sprocket & Clutch kicking back like they
always do.  Only about a two hour ride home.   Marcia was already online the whole time
home looking for our next adventure.  See you on the road!!
Day Two