Motorcycle trip
Tuesday May 18 and Wednesday May 19:
Michel and I left Alachua at around 930-1000pm. Uneventful trip. Made Birmingham just around 3am, I have never been there, OMG its way
bigger than I thought, the interstate and road system through the city is like spaghetti. Good thing we had the GPS. It’s more intense than
Atlanta.  Crossed over to Arkansas via Chattanooga and the Mississippi river. The bridge was not bad, Michel did not freak out! Finally getting
into the mountains I began to get excited. The country side is beautiful, very rural but beautiful. The 1929 Hotel Seville, is beautiful and the
staff is fantastic. Our room is very comfortable, we have a sitting room with a wet bar and then a bedroom. The bar and restaurant is
convenient and provide us a place to kick back after riding.  
Thursday May 20:
Today it was suppose to rain buckets, so we made plans to go see some of the sights around the area. First a little history about the town.
Harrison is located in the northwest part of Arkansas in the Ozark Mountains. Indians were the first inhabitants in the area. It is thought that the
French came next as hunters, and trappers and they made their way here following the white river. The community’s main source of income
is agriculture, trade, manufacturing and tourism. Harrison is also dubbed the gateway to the Buffalo River and this river was named the first
National River just 100 years after Yellowstone was named the first National park. There is a free walking tour so we took the opportunity to go
see the little town and walk sprocket before we took off. There is a little lake and a spring right in the middle of town. We walked up some
pretty steep streets that may be a bit of a challenge in the winter with the snow and ice. Now we were ready to expand exploring only we had
to go in the truck, because of the potential for rain, during the night we had heavy rain and flash flooding, some of the roads were underwater.
First stop was the Mystic Caverns it was a neat place, took lots of pictures. After that we took a ride on one of the routes we had planned,
what beautiful scenery just took my breath away. Can’t wait to ride the bikes. We got back and went to supper and a drink at the bar, and
then realized it had not rained a drop all day. Tomorrow we can’t ride until the after noon because we have to get the windshield replaced.
When we were traveling to Arkansas we got hit by a rock. So tomorrow we got to Branson, MO and then for a ride.
Day 3 Friday May 21:
Today we traveled to Branson Missouri, never been here before never even been to Missouri. As I mentioned before we had to take the truck
to get the windshield replaced. Always heard Branson was a tourist trap, parking lot type place, actually it is very nice, although it does get
pretty busy with  traffic, it has something for everyone. After dropping off the truck we walked over to the Landing on the river, very nice.
This place is a great big outdoor mall, including a Harley Shop, Bass Pro Shop, and the Ranger and Stryker boats store. You can shop all day
long everyday.
So we got the call the truck was ready so we headed back, and contemplated our first motorcycle ride in Arkansas whoohoo. Our first ride is
called the Jasper Disaster it is 56 miles with 316 curves, it’s the ride we took in the truck, very different on the bikes. We left Harrison on the
scenic highway 7 it is absolutely the most beautiful scenery I have seen in a long time. Following highway 7 it rolls over mountains with
massive drops into the valleys with wonderful overlooks. There are signs that actually say next 14 miles crooked curves with steep grades
eeks for me climbing is fun, descending is scary, but my "beast" was forgiving and didn't mind the continued down shifting.
Around 3 or so we stopped in the little town of Jasper and happen into a little café called the Arkansas House a historic Inn, and Organic Cafe
which was established in 1934. The food there was excellent I had the salmon chowder and a wild pig sausage burger mmmmmmm, Michel
had an all wild pig burger that was good as well. Our host was most gracious and informed of all the little secrets in the area. The stop was
refreshing and a great break before jumping on the bikes again. We had a great ride back to the hotel. There we went up to the room cooled
off, had some libations and kicked back, and started thinking about our ride tomorrow.
Day 4 May 22
Today we took a ride to Eureka Springs, the route is called the Eureka Springs back roads route. It was about 132 miles and took about 5
hours which included stopping for gas and lunch. We stopped at Pig Trail Harley Davidson, which was like a small mall, the Harley shop a
fudge shop, gift shop and the Pig Tail bar and restaurant. Very nice, we ate lunch and started back. Lots of bikes out today, between the rally
in Branson and whatever was going on in Eureka Springs. The ride was great and we enjoyed it. When we got back we decided to ride over
to Branson to check out the bike rally, not really very big, but lots of bikes, and lots of traffic, and I mean lots of traffic. Well tomorrow we
plan on riding the Blue Shoals Dam Route.
Day 5 May 23
Made two rides today, it may rain
tomorrow so we wanted to get another
ride in, and afraid we may miss
something. The first ride was Bull
Shoals. This ride rolls through beautiful
farm land and across what’s called
crooked creek to Bull Shoals Lake, the
lake covers over 71,000 acres. The Bull
Shoals dam is the ...5th largest dam in
world and when built it created Bull
Shoals lake. We actually rode over the
top of the dam, as it act like a bridge, so
cool. The ride there was fantastic, nice
roads long sweeping curves that had a
gradual climb and descend.
The next ride was the Peels Ferry Route. The ride to the ferry was great, nice sweeping curves, again and good roads. The Peels Ferry was
developed when the White River was dammed to make Bull Shoals Lake. The lake covered AR Highway 125 which leads into Missouri. There
is no charge for the ferry you just pull up load up and enjoy the ride. The ride after that in Missouri was not my favorite. The roads were in
terrible shape very bumpy and had lots of tar snakes, I felt like I was slipping all over the place, plus lot of local traffic that were in hurry, and
liked to ride your tail light. For me it was very taxing and it really wore me out. I was glad to get back on 65 headed back to the Hotel
Day 6 Monday 5/24
Today it was suppose to rain again so we took a ride in the truck to Eureka Springs. On the way we took scenic 7 byways we wanted to see
the Cliff House Restaurant and motel, and the little grand canyon of Arkansas. Very nice but very high. We did some great pictures of the
country side on the way. Also ...we always find the historical markers and they always provide us with cool facts, as we were on our way on
scenic 7 we came upon this marker that tells us that on that mountain, in 1836, there was a piece of marble taken out to be place in the
Washington Monument, so cool. Now on to Eureka Springs this town was established in 1879 and quickly became the largest city in the state.
The entire downtown area is on the national register of historic places. It’s a lovely town with lots of shops and accommodations of every
variety. We did it on the fly by because of the time. On the way back we explored some more roads for tomorrow’s ride, hope it doesn’t
Day 7 May 25
Today our plans were to ride through Eureka Springs on the bikes, then over to the Pig Tail Harley in the town or Rogers, also we wanted to
take a sightseeing boat tour of Lake Beaver on the Belle of the Ozarks. Of course there is rain in the forecast. We start out, it’s going to be a
great ride, ride through Eureka Springs, turn on the road for the boat tour, and it winds up and down at the same time we see the clouds start
to collect. We decide not to take a chance on these roads,  so we turn around and head back towards Eureka Springs, clouds move in and out
So we do take the route to the Beaver Lake it’s not that far and the road is not bad. So glad we did we found this incredible bridge, Arkansas’s
golden gate bridge. It’s a one lane, with a wooden base WOW.. How cool. The area is beautiful. Again the clouds are forming again, we need
to move on, so we take another road that we think is what they call the Pig Trail, nice scenery but the road is not so good but its okay. Now
the clouds are beginning to get gray and thick, time to start back for real. Off we go, it really looks bad and I hear on the radio that the area is
under a severe thunderstorm watch with hail and flash flooding. It looks like we are riding away from it and then we go around a curve and
we are headed right for it. Well as fate would have it we start getting pounded, and the wind blows, we had to turn around and find cover.
Finally it looks safe and we start back soaked but safe. Well folks the forecast for the next few days is rain, rain and more rain, so after supper
we make the decision to pack it in and head home.
Picture of Hotel Seville.  Great location Great Staff.
About 2 blocks from Hotel Seville is the river and their River Walk.
About a block from the hotel is this mural, they have a nice town square here. Also had all the stores we need, especially Wal-Mart.
Inside one of the two caverns at Mystic Caverns
One of the caverns was a still at one time and also a night club
during Prohibition time.
This is a neat bridge and I had seen pictures of this bridge in
Arkansas brochures
Not sure what my buddy Sprocket is thinking here. No I am not ready
for a long long ride, or you’re not leaving me now are you?
For me to take this picture means we are in the truck right now checking the bridge out. The next day
you will see in the video of use riding over the bridge.
This is by the Bass Pro Shop. I thought the guy was real at first but
he isn't.
Down by the river front in Branson, MS. Nice area to visit. If it
wasn't for the windshield we would have never found this place.
It was a little funny here. My GPS had us off route a bit when we were looking for the windshield place. They told us there,
that people have problems in the area with the GPS. So while walking I was wondering if they had a Harley Shop and sure
enough my phone GPS showed one and it showed it in the water, I told Marcia who knows where it is. Phone was right the
shop was in the water.
Just another picture showing waterfront and the walk.
Last picture of Branson waterfront, heading back to pick up truck.
Pig Trail Harley Davidson in Eureka Springs. There are two Pig Trail Harley Davidson the other is in Rogers, AR
Bull Shoals Dam
Peels Ferry waiting on the ferry.
We were not sure where we were going from Cliff House Inn all the way to Eureka Springs in truck, Sprocket with us.
Downtown Eureka Springs
Boy Sprocket has a sweet tooth, here he is eating my ice cream, and has his eye on some taffy.
I thought this bridge was so cool, we spent some time here. Picture on right is how I usually feel with high bridges.
Loading up and putting this trip in our memories, we
had a GREAT TIME!!
Our Buddy Sprocket is in kick back mode, but I did ask him if he
wanted to go for a ride when we got home, He didn't look excited
at all.
. This brings us to the end of our trip. The story Marcia wrote I copied from Face Book
and pasted here on our site. Our last stop was in Tifton, GA at the Harley Shop. Below
are two videos Part 1 & Part 2 of our trip for those of you who like home video. Until
next time JUST GET OUT AND RIDE!!!!
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