Arkansas 2015
Updated 8/27/2015
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Michel Marcia
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You know this is almost like homework and I hated homework.  Finding the time is very challenging at times.  So
instead of trying to make one big video for you to watch on You Tube I am making several videos and as soon as
I finish one and update our webpage here for that video I will posted here, and then will add pages and finished
videos of the trip as I go.   Also at the same time will link the video on our Facebook page.  Now our Facebook
has almost every ride we do on it as we go but is more likely a write up with pictures which you will only see on
our Facebook Page, but the videos are also linked.  The larger trips we make a webpage, and video with links
here.  Hope you enjoy our trip…… So click on the links below for that webpage of that day
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