Bikers on Parade 2007
Now Bruce travels a good
distance from up north to
make this event every
year.  This time he talked
like it was pretty cold  
riding, I wonder did he
bring that cold front with
him??????? I am sure
Bruce travels the longest
distance each year for
the event.
One thing you always see
is lots of flags, and the
much Patriotism, it's
good to see, you
certainly have it at Bikers
on Parade.
Here is some of the guys
at the breakfast on
Sunday morning before
the ride.
meeting up at Steve and
Jill's for our annual
breakfast. Bikes all lined
up getting ready to head
to Bikers on ParadeOn
the Saturday night before
the parade we host the
annual Bikers on Parade
Bash at our house. It's a
great party, keeps getting
bigger every year
This picture I took off of
the video of the Parade.
See everybody next year.
One thing that is pretty
neat, when we make road
trips, it cool when you
see Bikers on Parade
ribbons on other bikes.
Makes ya proud.
No words
yet it still was a good ride.
This year the weather
was perfect.
Click on flag for
map & the official
Bikers On Parade
web site
Just added above map 4/24/2011
Michel Marcia