Bikers on Parade 2008
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We had our
Bikers on Parade
Party last night.  
Here we are
heading to Steve
& Jill's house for
a big breakfast.  
Sure feels nice
outside, a little
cool the way I
like it.
Bikes lined up
outside of Steve
& Jill's.   
inside eating a
great home
breakfast.  As
usual we spent
some time
talking, and
saying hi to all
our friends.
Breakfast, only thing missing here is the great aroma of breakfast
And the bikes keep coming.  Neat just to watch them line up.
Still staging, starting to get a good size crowd now.
From left to right.  Sgt. 1st Class John Borders (Grand Marshall), Bob
Rose, Army Specialist Catlin Mixon (Grand Marshall),  Bonnie & Ralph
These guys looked pretty good entering as a group
All the flags & bikes.  They go good together
Marcia & Michel, and Madison who rode
with me this year,  she had a blast.
Next year we will be there.  Looking forward to seeing everybody again.  Until then I will be looking for the ribbons
everybody puts on their handle bars from the event.  Ride Safe    JUST GET OUT AND RIDE.
 Michel T
Remember next year for the 9th Annual Bikers on Parade for the USA will be Sunday, November 15 th, 2009.  This will again
start and end at Santa Fe College.   The parade will be police escorted, 23 mile ride.
On Biker on
Parade web site
they said that 8th
Annual Bikers on
Parade for the
USA had over
1770 participants
and raised
$109,250 to
benefit our
This was one of my last pictures I did take it off of
the video, to me just looked great.
Madison, and one of my best friends Eugen.
Michel Marcia
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