Biketoberfest 2009
Last picture of main st. for Biketoberfest 2009
Biketoberfest again, can't believe it is already over.  I guess after the forth or fifth time staying at the Tropical Manor it is now home
for us.  We left Gainesville planning on taking 441 to 40 to Ormond Beach.  Man it looked nasty leaving Gainesville, so we headed
west  on Hwy 26 then Hwy 100.  We did good until we were about 10 miles from Bunnell, and it rained.  Above we are at McDonald's in
Ormond Beach about 1/2 mile from Destination Daytona.  Had a nice lightning show and we did get wet.  This trip started out warm,
then Friday night it felt good we finally got some cooler weather.  Of all the links we put on this page they always pertain to
something associated with our trips, that we went to or ate at etc.... We were there.  I wish Main Street Station had a link.  Marcia and I
have been there many times Biketoberfest, Bike Week and day trips, and always had a good time.  One other link I would put up on
our page is Gators, which is a nice sports bar.  I had seen a write up on one of the links under comments, and it was not so good.  I
give them a thumbs up.  Man we had great food, nice big TV with the Gator game on and a great  waitress who took great care of us,
we will be back.  
Destination Outlet,  We went there on a day trip and I was
wondering how prices would change at Biketoberfest they
didn't.  I even bought some stuff this time.
I think in front of the Rat Hole.  Still at Destination Daytona.  I did
put  a few more pictures of bikes that caught my eye this time.
Another dog that rides!  Marcia got a dog before I retired.  
We named him Sprocket.  He also has a pair of Doggles, and
rides.  He is becoming one of my best friends.
Like I said I put some pictures of bikes that caught my eye.  This
one is inside of the Harley shop at Destination Daytona.
This bike caught Marcia's eye.  Of course the lady that
walked behind me when I took the picture did not help any
saying she heard me say I am buying it for Marcia.
I finding that I am starting to like some of the flat colors or should I
say I like the flat black on bikes.  I never cared  for them before, but
they do look nice to me now.
All the pictures of these bike I like very much.  This one
too had just the right color, style, a real neat look to me.
Another definite candidate for a picture.  I enjoyed spending a few
minutes just taking in the bike.
This had a nice job done on the fairing.  This is the last
picture for the day at Destination Daytona.
Here we are on Beach Street by the old Harley Davidson Shop.  
Seemed like this year there was a lot more going one here, great!!!
Jill and Tony standing next to a 1974 Road Runner
(I think).  In high school I had a 1972 Road Runner.
This is on Beach Street across from Harley
A look at the Harley Davidson Shop on Beach St.  It was sad news this
year to hear about Bruce Rossmeyer this year, took all of use by surprise.
We are at Froggy's my buddy Gene on the right.
Me, Gene and his buddies at Froggy's having a good time.  Only one
missing in this picture is Luke.  Luke and Thais are with us this time.
After Froggy's we walked down main st. to Full Moon,
they had a great band playing so we stayed a while.
Still Friday night on main st.  and there is a lot to see.  This is a little
different a real hog.  We had just left Full Moon and this was on the way
to Main Street Station.  Main Street Station had a good band playing
which we listen for a while.  Microwave Dave & the Nukes.
Saturday morning a picture from our room, Marcia,
Luke, Thais, and Tony talking in the parking lot.
We are in the middle of the parking lot at Daytona International Speedway.  It is still Saturday.  We spent about 2 hours here,
and also met up with Luke and Thais.  Some how missed Gene and his friends.
Pretty big trike.  Sounded good as it went by.
Talking about big trikes.  This guy pulled his 50' travel
trailer behind  his bike....... just joking, but he could.
Met up with Luke and Thais still at the race track.
Still at the race track.  When I took this picture, these
two ladies took me to some of their friends and were
going to take a picture....  I looked to the right and saw
Marcia, she did not look to happy so passed on picture.
At Gators getting ready to
watch the game.  We had
plenty of beer.
We always try catching one of the Ride Like A Pro shows.  Jerry and Donna's son
Tony was home on leave, and him and his wife Stephanie were in the show.  They
show how easy it can be to make U-turns and slow maneuvers.
Melisa was our waitress at Gators.  Made sure we had a big screen
television, and kept the beer coming.
Just another neat bike going by.  Looked cool with all of the
chrome on it.
These next few pictures are of main st.  You can tell by the pictures the temperature has
changed a bit, with more jackets and long sleeves.
The three pictures above I got off of the video, the first one is
going across the bridge on Silver Beach Ave.  Second and third
on the loop.
We again enjoyed the trip and are looking forward to Bike Week.  
This Bike Week will be the first time that we will be there all week
so we will also plan a few rides of exploring.  I hope to have another
new cam corder, not to happy with this one.  Does take away from
making videos, your always going to have shake buy my last
camera was better.  Had to put this picture to the left which was
another bike that caught my eye.  Our next bike event will be
Bikers on Parade held here in Gainesville,  this will be the last year
it is being held.  Hope you enjoyed our web site.   Until next time
Michel Marcia
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