Biketober fest 2008
Biketober Fest 2008.  Same story you wait, wait, and can't wait any longer and it's all over with.  Wow.  This year we had some good
weather, it did get a little windy the last day or two.   Thursday we met up with Steve and Jill and headed to Daytona Beach.  Other
than Trex Turkeysoarus, the ride was pleasent.  Man this turkey came from the side of the road, crossed this ditch full  of water and
tried real hard to get ran over... no luck today.  The above picture is of our motel for the next few days in Daytona.  The beach is
behind me.  The pool was heated too.
Thursday night down town main street with Steve and Jill.  
For a week night I though there were quite a few bikes and
people out.
We walked around for a while, and like always there were some
interesting sites to see.   I am not sure that I had noticed in the past
the police patrolling had these 2 wheel scooters ( two wheels side
by side) just dose not look rigjt.
Our motel is located right off of A1A south of main street.  Above is a picture that was repeated over and over with bikes coming and
going.  Saturday night we pulled our chairs and a couple of tables closer to the road and broke out some wine and just enjoyed
watching the bikes and listening to them passing by.
Here is a picture we took Thursday night showing the
scooters the police were patroling with.
Above we are on I-95 heading south to check out Space Coast
Harley Davidson in Palm Bay.  Not much traffic, but south of Cocoa
there was a lot of construction.
I have heard alot of this place Dixie Cross Roads, which is located in Titusville, FL.  They are supose to have great sea food.  There
were plenty of bikes here too.  It's Friday afternoon and we are headed back to Daytona.
Later Friday
night we met
some more
friends of ours
at this country
bar Rockin
Ranch off of
Nova road, in
Beach.  Like
always we had
a good time.
Another picture of our bikes in front of our motel.  One thing nice every morning next door just north of our motel they had a breakfast
buffet which was great.  I don't know how people can make money off of buffets.
Saturday we headed to the Cabbage Patch.  Again a nice day and
nice road.  Here we met up with our buddies Gene, and Tom, and
did see a lot of other friends.  
I know the Cabbage Patch is know for cole slaw wresting.  
We stayed here for a while and then headed to the race track
for the rest of the day.  After the race track we headed to
Webbers Steak house one of our favorite places to eat.
Still hanging out at the Cabbage Patch.
Here we are at the race track, picture of Tom and his new
Here we are by Destination Daytona and we ran into the Monster.  Had to get a picture.
This is our last day Sunday.
You never know when
it's going to happen.  It
happen today for
Steve and Jill, here is
a picture of their new
bikes before they left
the show room.  I am
sure they will always
think of their new
bikes each year at
Biketober Fest.  Well
this brings to an end of
this years Biketober
Fest.  Until next time
RIDE..      Michel
Michel Marcia
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