Bike week 2008
daytona beach, fl
Bike week 2008
This is just wrong, we've been waiting, and waiting, and it is all over with, it's just not right. As we usually start off our trip, everything
was normal, even the rain. We did luck out. Even though we had some rain, it definitely was better than I thought it was going to be other
than the 30 miles from Daytona to St. Augustine. It's Friday 3/7/2008. Our group consisted of Marcia and I, Steve and Jill, Tom, and Sean.
We will be going to bike week but staying in
St. Augustine, FL. That way we could get a little ride in everyday. Friday morning we met at Steve and Jill's at their house, even though
the weather was not that great looking we were all excited and ready to start our Bike week off. Now Daytona is only about a hundred
miles away, so our first stop, breakfast in Palatka. The Golden Corral there is known for good food with their buffets. We have had
breakfast there many of times. But this time we would not. We had forgotten that their breakfast buffet are on the weekends only. No
problem Angel's is just down the road. It started raining again as we pulled into Angles. Cool we could all park under the overhang and
While we were at Angel's we noticed a lot of bikes going by. We left Angel's and stopped in East Palatka and gassed up. As we left East
Palatka we could see the skies behind us were very dark, time to move on. Next stop, Destination Daytona. We arrived at lot of the
booths out before going into the Harley shop. Below is a picture of what we saw as we entered from the parking lot.
Below, we just made it to the condo we are renting for the weekend. Man did it rain. We are all soaked, yet at the same time you could feel
the excitement. We are here. We have found a lot of times it is cheaper to rent a two bedroom condo and split the cost, than it is to rent a
motel room, even better than a cheap motel room during bike week. We started joking about the rain on the trip up. It did get bad, I hate it
when you hear, well I just followed your tail lights. Watching the weather reports we also were relieved because we knew this would be the
end with chance of rain during our trip. We unpacked, and put some dry clothes on, and checked the condo out.
The Harley shop is huge. After a little exploring we were running out of time. We had to be in St. Augustine before 4 pm so we could
pick up the keys for the condo. Walking outside the first thing we noticed is the weather was changing. It must have dropped 15 on the
left is inside Harley, the one on the right is walking back to our bikes.
All of us soaked and happy at the same time, we made it, St. Augustine.
bedrooms 2 1/2 bathrooms, washer
and dryer which came in handy for
all of our wet clothes. If you have
bedrooms 2 1/2 bathrooms, watched
the video, there is a balcony, and
even a The washer and dryer which
came in handy for all of our wet
clothes. If you have watched the
video, there is a scene of the inside
of the condo, and Marcia waves from
the dye in her gloves being wet.
Time to get something to eat. Now
originally we were going to eat in
St. Augustine, but it was still
raining, and we were dry. Just
across from the condo which is in
St. Augustine Beach, is a we had a
great meal, had a few beers and it
sure felt good to hear the rain, and
know you did not have to ride 10
miles in it to get to your is a
picture of Steve getting ready to
order, he looks disappointed I
think they were out of hot beer. Of
course sitting at the table there
was a lot of cutting up, joking, and
the usually storytelling.
Above, thats me carrying some beer back to the condo. On the left
is inside the condo, were starting to cut up. We found out that
some of us have the gift to sing, but you had to have a few drinks
to really appreciate the heart and soul of the song. We had a pretty
good time. The weather for tomorrow, not much rain, but gust of
wind up to 40 mph.
Picture to the right is the Oasis in St. Augustine Beach. We ate there
both mornings before heading to Daytona Beach. I should have put
one other picture in here, I ordered 2 egg, sausage, cheese
sandwiches, man are they big. I finished the first sandwich, and
sandwich. Of course the company was great, there were a lot of
sandwich. Of course the company was great, there were a lot of
motorcycles, a lot of people getting ready to do the same thing we
were, heading to Daytona. Now it was windy, with some good gust.
It surprised me hearing Marcia say, she would rather ride in the
rain. I know one thing I tried to video along the way, I couldn't hold
the camera
steady, and finally gave up. Soon as we hit Highbridge St. past Flagler Beach I started video taping again. We went over to Main St. from
the north end of the loop. There were a lot of motorcycles out. I thought the way the weather had been, that we would have no problem
getting a parking spot, wrong. This time instead of parking half way off of main st. we parked at the beginning and walked both sides of
Main St. I enjoy standing on the streets, watching all the people and the bikes they have customized.
cold beer. Then back to Main St. checking everything
out. After Main St. we loaded back up and headed to
Daytona International Speedway. Again, plenty to see.
We stopped by to say hello to Motorman Jerry & Donna
of Ride Like a Pro. If you ever have a chance to see their
show, do it, shows you how easy riding can be with low
speed turns, and maneuvers. Checking the bikes out I
did notice a gold wing (four wheeler) which starts
making me thing about the price of gas? Also saw line,
Here are two pictures of one of OCC's bike. Check the guns pointing
back, defiantly a neat concept for tailgater's. Meanwhile the wind
had died down a lot. We left the Speedway and headed back to St.
Augustine beach. This time with a very pleasant ride.
Back in St. Augustine, no rain tonight, so Jill made reservations at a restaurant in Old St. Augustine called Columbia's. Marcia rode with
me. The restaurant was classy. Great meal, and a house salad you will not forget. That took most of the night, back to the condo. Sunday
morning we will sleep in just a little longer.
Sunday morning we packed up, and the first stop was the Oasis for breakfast. Then a nice ride down A1A to Daytona, this time no rain or
wind. Our destination for today is Iron Horse. The picture above is at Iron Horse. Another great place to watch people and check out some
nice bikes. After walking around we crossed the street and checked out Hog Pen. You could tell bike week was coming to a close,
normally their field is full of bikes not this time. We had a great beer there, checked some neat choppers out, and could sense that
Hog Pen right across the street from Iron Horse on US 1
Shawn checking out some choppers at Hog Pen
I passed this guy walking
back to the bikes, just had
with the truck and trailer in
thought it was a great
picture. Hey I have a trailer, I
passed this guy walking back
to the bikes, just had to get a
picture, especially with the
truck and trailer in thought it
was a great picture. Hey I
have a trailer, I hate using it,
but at times I only have so
much time off, I rather have
longer vacations.
After leaving Iron Horse, we stopped once again in East Palatka for gas. Marcia had a great idea, when we get to
Gainesville lets have one last beer at the Round Bar and a toast for our trip, which we did. Also a thanks to Danny for the
round of beers for us. Boy time flies. That's our trip, until next time Ride Safe, JUST GET OUT AND RIDE. Michel & Marcia
Round Bar, Gainesville, FL  Our last stop.
Michel Marcia
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