Bike week 2009
daytona beach, fl
National Seashore
our motel
White eagle
buca di beppo
This is our first night at Bike Week.  We are at Buca Di Beppo  the food was
great, and it's a little different the way you order.  From left to right Marcia,
Michel, Tom, Jill, and Steve.  
Once again we are staying at the Tropical Manor in Daytona Beach.  This is a neat Ma and Pa motel.  Has a
great location and nice rooms too.  Across the street you can see the Aaron Tippin's Bus.
The speedway, checking out everything there.  This is also the place where you can demo a lot of the
different bikes, and plenty of other things to do including the races.  
Marcia and Jill planed this trip for Friday.  This is the Cassadaga Hotel in Cassadaga, FL.  I put a link at the top of the page to this
town.  If you have the time check it out it is quite interesting.  The town is known for it's psychics.
One more picture of the Hotel and our bikes in front of the hotel.
Inside the Hotel Cassadaga, having lunch.  Good food and
nice people.  
Marcia having her print autographed by Scott Jacobs who
is first gallery artist to become officially licensed
worldwide by Harley-Davidson creating their 'Fine Art
Program' in 1993.
After the Ocean Center we walked to main street, and
checked it out.  We lucked out with the weather it was great
A view of Beach Street.  The old Harley store is in the
middle of the picture.
Another picture on Beach Street.  This Doberman looked
and acted like he has been ridding for a while.
Ride Like A Pro, at the Speedway in Daytona.  Great show and
great learning DVD's, has made a difference in the way I ride.  
Be sure to check them out when you have a chance.
Some more of the great sights at Bike Week
This was kinda neat.  Here we are at Destination Daytona and I
noticed all these cameras pointing behind the building.  So I
just pointed mine too, and here came
Arlen Ness ridding up.
Another great Bike Week moment.
Just some of the signs
across the street from the
Cassadaga Hotel.  Again
check out the link to this
town and some of the
history.  I know we had to
be close to Orlando, but the
town still seemed to feel
like it was way out in the
country.  Psychic feelings?
We spent 2 nights at the Rockin
Ranch in Ormond.  The band
was the Saloonatix, and they
where great.  I have put two
different links to their
YouTube, check them out.  
The music on our video we
made is theirs.  On their
MySpace you can contact
them.  On their YouTube they
have some great video and way
better sound than we had on
our videos.
Some of these pictures are pulled off of the video I was shooting like this one.  Here we
are heading north to Main St. on A1A.  Well if we can do it, we will be back to Daytona for
Biketober Fest.  Don't forget to check out the video and click on the links above.
Until next time.  Ride Safe      JUST GET OUT AND RIDE.    Michel T
Michel Marcia
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