Alachua to Branford
Colleen's Restaurant  
Brandford, FL
river in back.
Colleen's Restaurant  
Brandford, FL
nice view of the river
Colleen's Restaurant  
Brandford, FL
river on left, restaurant on
Colleen's Restaurant  Brandford, FL
We will check it out another time.
Light House Restaurant
Fanning Spring, FL
Light House Restaurant
Fanning Spring, FL
We have ate here a few
times. Good food
We left Alachua, and headed to Branford Suwannee River Cove Restaurant was our destination. Jill led
the way. The road to Suwannee Restaurant had a lot of sugar sand so we proceeded to Colleen's
Restaurant just a few miles away. Colleen's was located right off of the river and was very relaxing with
it's view. So we got off the bikes and took in the view, now it was time to eat. Getting ready to enter we
were told they were closed due to their air conditioner was not working, and would hope to be opened
by 5 pm. So we decide to head to Fanning Springs to eat at the Light House Restaurant we will make
another trip to Colleens, and I want to look at the maps to see if there is another way into Suwannee
Rive Cove, I want to check them out too. Now to get to Colleen's you do have to take a dirt road, but it is
hard and not very long. The parking lot has asphalt. After eating at the Light House in Fanning springs,
which we have ate many times before, we just took SR-26 back to Gainesville, and made a stop at the
Harley shop. I also put links to Ichetucknee Springs, if you like tubing this is a nice ride. Plenty of tube
rentals along Hwy 27. The water is COLD. Until next time; Get Out and Ride. Michel
Michel Marcia
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