Clark's Fish Camp
Jacksonville, FL
What a nice day.  We had planned this trip a while back, but as we passed through
Melrose we saw a Tea party going on.  We stopped at a red light, I looked at Marcia and
asked her if she was interested, she was.  I looked at Wayne, he too was interested.  It
was very interesting, and we were glad that we stopped.  We were there a lot longer
than we thought we would be.  So we missed our trip to Clark’s fish camp.  It’s ironic,
but the day before we make this trip, Wayne had posted this trip again but for some
reason Marcia and I could not make the trip with them.  So after hearing Wayne tell us
about the trip, we too posted the trip one more time, and made it the next day.
On this trip there is Marcia & I, Jill, John & Kim, and Steve & Missy.  Steve’s bike was
not running right so they took their car.  This is our first stop we are in Green Cove Springs, and as usual we are
having a good time, and looking forward to the fish camp.
We just finished parking, and taking all our
gear off.  It was a nice ride over here, going
through Penny Farms through the tree canopy
is always a pleasant sight.  Crossing the Saint
Johns river on the Shands bridge is also a neat
sight to see.  And highway 13 heading north is
also a nice road to ride.  I did notice that the
advertisement signs, where all low to the
ground.  I am used to seeing a Burger King
sign way up high in the air.  We had been in
this area before looking at boats a few years
back.  As a matter of fact we bought our first
motorcycle at one of the marina’s here in
town.  So in a way, this area is really were our
motorcycle adventures began.    I never
thought that we would get so addicted to
motorcycle riding.
Now I like looking at this picture, it’s pretty much what I had pictured in my mind.  The one thing that I was surprised about we did not see
any alligators.  But when you think of a fish camp and a restaurant this is it.  The restaurant has a large sitting area inside, and a good size
outside eating area too.
I like that rustic look, it reminds me of some of the old Marinas that as a kid I had been in.  As I got older
I noticed that most of the marina’s that I had been in are no longer in existence.  Usually it is replaced
by a very modern marina.  I miss the old marinas, the smoke and smell of the old two strokes engines.
Now this is where things change, like I said before
we have seen a lot of restaurants with that rustic
look with a beautiful setting on the lake or river and
had enjoyed each one, but when you go inside of
this restaurant you see all these trophies, stuffed
animals all over the place.  Not just native animals,
but animals from all over the world.  It will catch
your curiosity, and have you exploring inside the
restaurant.  They have quite a collection of animals
Lions tigers monkeys it just keeps going.  It will
definitely get your attention, also their menu is the
same it has all kinds and meats on it.  We will be
Here are just some of the pictures I took inside to give you an idea what it looks like.
This brings a close to our trip.  The route we took has some nice roads and is an enjoyable ride.  Be sure to check
out the link to Clark’s fish camp for information and I will also include two Google maps of the trip,The way we went
and the way we came home.  Be sure to also check out our video of the trip.  This was another Let’s ride Gainesville
trip and everybody is also an Eagles Rider member.  I will put links of Let’s Ride Gainesville, and Sunshine Eagle
Riders, so if you live in the area come join us.  Until next time, JUST GET OUT AND RIDE..  Michel
And their web site
Our route too
Clark's Fish Camp
Our route from
Clark's Fish Camp
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