Da Rajun Cajun
Lake Park, GA
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Da Rajun Cajun
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to Gainesville
After riding several years in our area you start to look for some of those other places you have missed.  Da Rajun Cajun I consider one of those
places I have missed.  From Gainesville, FL it is just less than 100 miles away, and while at it, we looked for some more back roads and found
them.  I’ll tell you Google Earth is a nice tool to use, along with the internet.  We met up on a Saturday at the usually meeting area Home Depot
in Gainesville.  We had a good turn out, so I called Da Rajun Cajun and told them we need room for 24 people, and they told us come on.  Again
the weather was great.
This is our first stop.  We are at the outskirts of Live Oak, FL. Here we are meeting up with Cliff and Lynn.  Nice place to stop with a big group
plenty of gas pumps and parking area.  You sense some of the excitement of being in that explore mode in our group.  On the right picture is
of Mike, yea I had him ask in the video if they had any bears up there?  We joke about it now but 9 months ago it wasn’t funny.  Mike and his
wife Linda ride their own bikes, this one day up in the mountains on the Blue Ridge, they for some reason rode two up that day, and a bear fell
out of the sky, yes a bear fell out of the sky.  You know how the road cuts into the mountain, the bear fell down that and right in front of them,  
Now when we ride down here, every time we see a bear crossing sign you know who we are thinking of.
Here we are at Da Rajun Cajun in Lark Park, GA.  Looking at the restaurant, it too has that nostalgic look.  One note for you when I planned this
trip according to their web site at the time they were closed on Sundays. Not so, they are open then too.  So for those of you who can’t make
the trip on a Saturday you have Sunday too.  I thought the distance from Gainesville was just right, and the roads very country and enjoyable
Just a few more pictures of the place.  You know it’s a small world at times, while here another little group from  Gainesville, FL showed up too.  
I meant to talk to them, I was wondering if they seen the ride on Let’s Ride Gainesville or just planned the trip this day.    Well after a full belly, it
was time to enjoy a ride back home.
It can’t be more than 6 or 7 miles from Da Rajun Cajun heading south
on US 41 that we stopped here in Florida again and those who wanted
to take their helmets off did so.
Our next stop is on the outskirts of Lake City, FL just before I-10 on the
right another nice size gas station for a big group of riders.  From there
Cliff lead the way to Falling Creek Falls, neat little stop with a nice size
water fall, for Florida.  I don’t even think its 2 miles from our gas stop.
We spent probably a total of 20 minutes here.  Since you don’t see
many water falls in Florida everybody is taking pictures.  I never have
been here before, but have past the road here many of times, just goes
to show you never know what you could be missing.
This was our last stop as far as our ride for today.  Falling Creek
Methodist Church and Cemetery.  What a nice setting, again
everyone is in exploring mode.  Above it says they worshiped here
until 1866 the building was replaced back in 1880’s
Couple more pictures of the trip.  We all also went to church.  From here we had a short trip back to Gainesville, FL.  It was a great day.  Be
sure to check the video out at the top of the page, usually works best in 720 mode.  Just a reminder I also have GPX files that you should be
able to import to your GPS program.  They were created in Microsoft Streets and Trips, and I had no problem opening them in my garmin map
source program.  On the top of this page are 2 Google maps, what is neat with these maps is you can zoom in and out and see every road.  
Also you can open them on a smart phone and it will show the route, and show where you are at, just remember you need a signal unless you
have true GPS on your phone.  
Here we are in Alachua, home for Marcia and me, one last stop with what is left of
our group for today talking where we going tomorrow…….  
Until next time Hope you’re able to JUST GET OUT AND RIDE.        Michel & Marcia
Brian took this group picture, also the one in the church, only problem he doesn’t make it in the picture.
P.S.  Remember if you know of a neat ride or restaurant in our area, please let us knows.  Thanks Michel T
Michel Marcia
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