Destination Daytona
bike block party
I have been wanting to check out Destination Daytona's Block Party for a while.  Talking to Jerry I found out
that he too wanted to check it out.  So we made reservations and off we went.  Hurricane season has been
busy, our last trip was cancelled because of hurricane Faye, and it looked like hurricane Hanna was going to
cancel this trip.
This picture is in front of our room.  The rooms were nice with refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker.  The price was also nice,
$75.00 is not bad at all.  There are quite a few stores there, we did not check it all out.   We did go to the Harley store, and then JP
This picture is from the entrance of the Harley shop.  At the right side of the building across the street is where the bike block party is
held at.  It is about 3:30 pm on Saturday.
Donna, on the bike which is suppose to be in some futurist
movie.  I can't remember the name of the bike.  They had 3
of them there.  
Upstairs at Harley.  During Bike Week and Biketoberfest
this place gets crowded.
Still up stairs at
HD.  They always
have quite a few
motorcycle here.  
I was not that
interested in
looking at all the
bikes.  Marcia and
I just got 2 new
Street Glides, so
now it is just
accessories and
places to go.
Here we are walking past the area for the block party on our way to the Pig Stand for some great ribs.  We enjoyed our meal and time
together, then headed back to the Block party.  They had a live band, and had quite a few bikes out there.  
The Block party was pretty much as I expected.  The price of the rooms as I said was good.  Seeing all the bikes around was great,  the
food was good.  I defiantly will be making other trips here .  I think this place is great to plan a trip with friends, you have everything
you need here, and see other people riding and visiting the area.  There is plenty to do from riding the loop and A1A, also you have
Iron Horse down the road.  Plenty of possibility for little day trips, St. Augustine is just up the road which is a neat little ride on A1A,  
Outback Crab Shack isn't too far away, and 3 Bananas another neat ride.  If you go to Out back Crab Shack you will want to travel Hwy
13 south from the restaurant for a neat ride.
When making the video there is only so much I can show.  I thought you might like a look at their rooms.  It's nice to be able to
have a beer or two and not have to watch yourself heading back to your room.  Plus meeting new friends who maybe on there own
road trip with their own story.
Sunday morning
time to leave.  You
wait all week
finally its time for
your trip, you
thought it would
never get here and
now it is almost
over with.  I hate
that, but it opens
the door " where
are we going
next".  We left
Daytona and
gassed up had
breakfast at the
Waffle house.  
We took our back roads and in minutes we were by the ocean, while riding a part of the Loop.   Also anytime your that close to the
Loop and the ocean, you have to ride it.  I certainly wasn't ready to head back home.
Daytona has about
everything you
need.  We gassed
up here at Love's
before heading out
for breakfast.  Also
this is a nice place
to pick up snacks
etc. while staying
at the hotel.
Marcia and her new bike,
From left to right Donna, Jerry, and Marcia.  It sure was great getting together again.  Had a great time.  From here we
back tracked and rode back to US 1 and took a back road that goes along I 95 to Hwy 40 and headed home.
This is our last stop to say good by.  Here we are
off of Hwy 326 and  CR 200a in Ocala.  It was
great getting together once again with Jerry and
Donna, and certainly hope they join us on more
trips.  From here we headed to Gainesville,
Steve and Jill who couldn't make the trip were
ready to ride, so Marcia and I headed to Cedar
Key with them had a late lunch and took the long
way home.  Next time we head to Destination
Daytona it will be for  two nights, and I will have a
ride planned, and we will have a lot of friends
joining us,  that's what it is about.  One definite
note,  if you every get the chance to check out
Jerry and Donna's show
Ride Like A Pro do
check it out.  Marcia and I have their DVD, with
our new bikes it time to practice again.  Until next
time Ride Safe....  JUST GET OUT AND RIDE      
Michel T.
Our route to Flager Beach
and back #1 is Destination
Michel Marcia
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