Dixie Grill
Live Oak, FL
Michel Marcia
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Michel Marcia
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Here we are at our meeting place Home Depot & Subway in Gainesville, FL by hwy 441.  This is a nice little Sunday ride.  The
whole trip is approximately 135 miles.  Marcia had used Google Maps and found this place.  Others in our group had been here
before.  The ride over takes you on some nice back roads.
This is the front of Dixie Grill.  Here we are scattered all through the parking lot.  Again Google maps is really neat in checking
this place out before we got here.  I was able one to see exactly where it was, what the parking lot looked like, where there
any signal lights etc….
Just some pictures of our group. Wayne top left, Jill, Glenn, and
Ken top right. Left middle Karen Ed (Junior Ranger) right middle
most of the bikes parked together. Left of caption here is Tom
Carol. The food was great. Like I said on the video I did not hear
of any complaints. I had the fried chicken ( 2 breast ) and it was
great. Again for a little ride with some real nice roads from the
Gainesville area, and to satisfy a healthy appetite this is a great
ride. They also had chicken livers & gizzards, found it very hard
not to order them.....NEXT TIME!!!
Made a quick gas stop here.  We are in Fort White just north of High Springs, FL
Above just a couple frames I grabbed from the cam corder.
Our last stop Eagles Landing in Gainesville.
This is the Eagles Landing.  We have been ending our little rides here, and man do we cut up.  What a way to end the
weekend.  Remember above I have a link to the Google map of our trip.  You can open this on maps program on your
smart phone and it will show the route and should show where you are on the map.  One note you may want to write the
directions down, because if you lose signal on your smart phone…………..you won’t look too smart….