Exploring old florida
Click  on picture for video inside Dallas Bull
Click  on picture for video inside Dallas Bull
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It's a Thursday morning and it is cold
outside.  We have been waiting for
this trip for sometime.  Of course
you never know what the weather is
going to be like.  It is sunny, and I
like the cold better than the heat.  We
had a late start because of the
weather.  Which changed the maps
for the GPS a little.  Instead of going
from Gainesville all the way to
Tampa on HWY 301 we needed to
make some time using I-75.  Pioneer
Florida Museum was our first stop.
When I take pictures I like to stitch them together to get a better view of the surroundings.  We spent about 1 1/2 hours here,  
that was moving  fast.  The first building you enter has a lot of artifacts.  Very interesting if you like history.  Also one of  the
families who lived here that moved to the coast started Hudson, FL.   My mind alway goes to time travel.  How was it back
then.  I guess it helps not to know of any modern day convenience.
Jill & Steve have been introducing us to Country dancing.  So on
this trip we were also making our stop for the night close to a
night club that has country dancing.  Here at the Dallas Bull in
Tampa FL, they have a very large dance floor so you can get
lost out there.
Inside the Dallas Bull, feeling pretty good
having a great time.  What is nice here, our
motel is across the street.  No bike riding
required.  We also ate at the 301 Restaurant for
supper and breakfast the next morning which
is right next to the motel.  
Solomons Castle is a neat little stop.  Once  again we are running late.  We did not go inside.  We met Dion here one
of our friends from the website.  What amazed me here is this place is in the middle of no where.  They even have a
restaurant called the Boat in the Moat.  They also have a room or two to stay the night.  That would be very
interesting.  I now wounder why we didn't look at staying the night.  
Here we are in the parking lot
at Solomons Castle.  From
left to right,  Marcia, Jill,
Steve, and Dion.  I liked the
small country roads you ride
to get here.  I think we are
about 7 to 10 miles off the
main road.   I have put a link
to the castle up at the top of
this page incase you are
visiting or exploring.
Every time we stop here we see a lot of bikes.  While making this web page I was looking for information to write.  
When you get the chance click on the link for the Desert Inn and look at the history link they have on their page.  
There is quite a bit of history, enough to side track me for a while.  
Here is the view from inside with me stitching the pictures together.  I imagine there has been thousands
and thousands of people who have eaten here and drank.  Still looking at different links on the Internet I
stumbled on this link  
The Battle of Yeehaw Junctions  check it out.
WHAT??  Built in the 1900s, it claims to be favorite hotel of Elvis’ when he traveled
through Florida. To add the myth, Mae Paxton supposedly wrote "Heartbreak Hotel"
after Elvis’ tour bus stopped in Kenansville.  I find a few different stories about
Heartbreak Hotel the information I found above is from this
Be sure to also check the link on the top of this page.
It's a small world.  Passing by here we stopped maybe a 1/2 mile up the road at this
convince store,  this is where Jill realized Here Grandfather worked at Montverde
Academy and Mom was born, so we had to go back and check it out.  Just thought I
would put this
link on the page to for more information.  
Gatorland, be sure to click on the link above on this page for
more information.  Again planning is a hard thing to do.  We
made it here and we were running out of day light.  We
wanted to check it out but didn't have the time, to me this is
a  Florida Icon.  We did check the gift shop out.  NEXT TIME
Sanford checking into the Days Inn.  Boy time goes by too
fast.  It's still on the cool side.  Soon as we checked in and
cleaned up.  We head out to eat and dance.  That still does
not sound right.
Joe's Crab Shack in Sanford.  We met up with Ray & Michelle.  
Picture above going from left to right Steve, Ray, Michelle,
Michel, Marcia, and Jill.  After the meal we said goodbye to
Ray & Michelle, and headed to the Barn.
The Barn in Sanford, FL.  This is a good size
night club.  I am sure we will be visiting it
again.  I told you Jill & Steve were introducing
us to  country dancing, 2 step to be precise.  
Marcia and I have already had at this time one
dance lesson.  Well I was ready, I finally
convinced Marcia we need to get out there.  
So I grab Marcia head on the on ramp, never
got a chance to 2 step too busy running
backwards with Marcia trying to stay out of
everybody's way.  Made 2 fast laps hit the exit
ramp.         Told Marcia we need to do some
more practicing.  Still had a great time.
Sugarloaf Mountain is the highest point in peninsular Florida at 312 feet (95 meters) above sea level. It is in Lake County,
near the town of Clermont. Britton Hill, in the Florida Panhandle, is the highest point in the entire state at 345 feet above
sea level.  The above information I found at this
link.  Yea time does go by fast, too fast.  But I know Marcia and Jill will be
looking on the Internet and planning another adventure soon.  Until next time hope to meet you on the road.
                                           Ride Safe     JUST GET OUT AND RIDE.        Michel T
Michel Marcia
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