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A little history of Fernandina and the festival. The festival started back in 1965 and Amelia Island and Fernandina are Florida's golden isle.  
They say the French visited, the Spanish developed, the English named and the Americans tamed, thus its the only US location to have
been under eight flags.  The
Fernandina has become one of the number 1 tourist destitnations in the  in the US. It also has a huge shrimping
industry as well as two mills that provide jobs for man in the area.
We left for Fernandina on Friday morning and headed out going north on 301 to Baldwin.  Our aim was to have a delicious breakfast at
"Everybody's Restaurant.  If your out riding in the area try this place, its good country cooking for breakfast and lunch.  After a tasty
breakfast we got back on 301until Callahan where we headed east on 200 right on into Fernandina Beach. We were staying at the Hampton
Inn that looks out on the water.  This proved to be a great place to stay, the location, accommodations and the staff were second to none. We
highly recommend this place.  Being there enabled us to walk to most of the place we wanted to see.  Anyway we checked in, secured the
bikes and then went out on the town. That night we ate at the Crab Trap, very good food and good service.  Also right across the street is a
fabulous wine shop, Inter coastal Wine Company. We had a great night walking on the streets and enjoying the festivities and watching all
the pirates that appeared that evening.
The next day we chose to visit Fort Clinch.  I was in heaven, I love history.  We did have to ride the bikes there but it was a short trip. The
fort is located on the north end of Amelia Island and sits on the entrance of the St Marys River, and Cumberland Sound.  Named after Gen.
Duncan L. Clinch, who was an important leader during the Spanish American War.
As we arrived at the fort, we were
delightfully surprized to find out that
they were having a Union reinactment.
We spent most of the day at the fort,
watching, exploring, talking and asking
questions.  It was a incredible
afternoon.  We finally made our way
back to the hotel, refreshed ourselves
and then headed out to have a  good
dinner at Beech Street Grill.
The next morning we packed up and started our trip back home and reality.  We chose to follow A1A south to Mayport and
took the ferry across the St Johns River, and again followed A1A south to St Augustine.
We ended up in Green Cove Springs, and showed
Steve and Jill, that there really is a spring in Green
Cove Springs.  Had some lunch at Ronnie's which is
right next door to the springs and has views of the St
Johns River.  While we were eating we discovered we
were near a place we had talking of visiting.  The place
was right up the road, so off we headed north.  Our
destination was St Margaret Episcopal Church.  Jill and
I have read and are in awe of the author Eugenia Price
story of the south, she most often writes historically
correct, and most of her characters are real.  What we
were looking for there, were the Fleming family who
are buried in the church's grave yard.  Of course the
church and the grave were there just as she
described.  What a great find.
During the civil war she was forced to vacate her home by the union troops, but she returned after the war.  To help with expenses she
opened her house as guest house and also held church in her parlour.  Margaret needed more space for services, thus the construction of
the church in 1875. The church was finally completed in 1878 after her death.

Unfortunately we had to get on back home, go to work so we can plan another adventure.   
St Margarets Episicopal Church is among 5 of the oldest wooden churches still standing in Florida.  Magaret Fleming had the church built.  
The Fleming family immigrated from Ireland and settled in the 1700's at Fleming Island. The Elder Fleming, George named his plantation
Hibernia the latin word fro Ireland.  George Flemings grave is the oldest in the cemetery.  He left his plantation to his son Lewis who married
Augustina Cortes, decesendant of the explorer. She died in childbirth and Lewis married Maragret Seton.  Upon Lewis death Margret
became the overseer of the Plantation she and Lewis built
baldwin, fl
On May 2, we traveled to Fernandina Beach with our favorite riding buddies Steve and Jill.  We wanted to
participate in the annual Isle of eight flags shrimp festival besides that it made a great motorcycle trip.  
St Margarets
Episicopal Church
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