Kingsley plantation
Fernandina beach area
St. Johns
baldwin, fl
of the trip
leaving at 8 am and heading to Fernandina Beach. It is cold this morning, and very foggy, we are starting out with chaps and I have a
pair of long Johns on too. Unfortunately I have to wear my regular gloves which means I can't push the buttons on the cam corder. We
took Hwy 156 to SR-225 and then Hwy 301. Soon as we hit 301 the fog lifted.
Marcia is ready  Steve and Jill should pull up any time.
Traffic was light on Hwy 301, once we pasted I-10 and entered
into Baldwin we stopped at the Everybody's Restaurant. Now
we have seen this restaurant many times in the past and have
always wonded. You know one of those I am going to have to
time than now to check it out. The first thing I noticed pulling
up is the smell of sausage cooking, and it was a welcomed
smell. The restaurant has plenty of parking. There was a lot to
choose from on the menu. This time I just had 2 biscuits with
sausage (home made),cheese, and egg. I am getting hungry
now. It was great.
After we filled up back to the bikes. One last thing if you are in
the area it is only about 2 miles from the I-10 and Hwy 301 you
should check it out. This is also the point I found out my touch
screen on the camera is not working. Not a problem shooting
video because I don't use it. But it controls all the setting on
the camera, including play back to get an idea what I was
doing, I am glad I just didn't put the camera up. But did shoot a
lot of video on zoom.
Looking east on Hwy 301 in front of the restaurant
Parking for the restaurant
On the left is a picture of the inside of the restaurant. Past the
opening in the middle of the picture is another room with a U
shape bar for seating. Seemed to be neat for a group of 6 or 8
people. Back on the road. From this point to Callahan Hwy 301
is just a two lane highway. At the stop light in Callahan we
went straight which is hwy 200. This took us right into
Fernandina Beach. I don't have it on video because of zoom,
but we did go downtown for a pass before getting onto A1A.
We just wanted to check it out, we have a 2 night trip planned
there soon. Once on A1A we started seeing more motorcycles
enjoying the ride like us, while heading south. This is what we
have been waiting for, I wish I was riding right now. Next stop
Kingsley Plantation.
not built for speed, but for sight seeing. We followed this to
the entrance of the plantation. This is also where we learned
to get to the plantation, we had 3 miles of dirt road to travel. I
know if I could see Marcia's face pulling up she would have
had that deer in the headlights look. I don't know how many
follow this site, but last year we made a trip
HWY150 on that
trip I thought I had found one of those cool short cuts. I saw
the sugar sand but thought it just was at the end of the road
only. Well after about 1 and 1/2 miles Marcia went down. Still
sugar sand. Steve and Jill were sure she broke her leg the
way it twisted. I was wondering if the ambulances had 4 wheel
drive? Marcia walked it off, while she did I got back on the bike
and went another 2 miles ( still sugar sand). I gave Marcia
credit ridding back to the paved road, after that.
Here on the left is a picture of the road (HWY150) click on it for a bigger view. So here we are, we took a little break put
Marcia's bike by the sign and locked it up, and off we go. The dirt road in it's self was pleasant to the eye. The road was in
good shape, the dirt was packed hard. The parking at the plantation is either grass or gravel. We toured the plantation,
but first we had to get some bug repellent. No seeums, bugs the size of a nat with a bite of a mosquito on steroids.
I think of them as flying jaws. There were quite a few people here. The main house was built in 1798 and for more information on the
plantation I put a link at the top of the page which also shows a lot of pictures of the plantation. Alright back to the bikes, with a quick
stop at the end of the dirt road. Next stop the St. Johns Ferry.
Just arrived at the plantation
view from the entrance
From the dirt road at the plantation, I don't think it took more than
5 minutes to get to the ferry. As we were pulling up it was great 5
minutes to get to the ferry. As we were pulling up it was great
Here we met David and his buddies with their VTX club. We to
see some more bikes. I always enjoy talking to other bikers.
talked a while, and the only thing missing was a cold beer. The
ferry crossing is quick. The price for motorcycles is $3.00. I also
Below is a picture of us loaded up on the ferry. One thing nice
about bikes, your the first ones on.
Waiting on the ferry in May port
Neat picture of all of us with our bikes stage on the ferry.
Our last gas stop in Jacksonville Beach
I had to stop here, I had a feeling that I was running out
of tape for the camera, I was right. Here we are close to
St. Augustine, still on A1A
Our last stop Sonny's in Gainesville. We had great trip, meet some neat people, found a new restaurant, checked out a plantation, took
a ferry ride, and now filling our belly's one more time. The video came out pretty good. The next day Sunday we made a day trip with
Dave & Glo, I had to make one more trip before sending the video camera in just in case it takes a while. For you folks up north, man I
feel for you. Ride Safe....................... JUST GET OUT AND RIDE Michel & Marcia
Michel Marcia
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