Fisher House of
Gainesville Poker Run
Michel Marcia
Michel Marcia
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1999 NW 43rd St
Gainesville, FL 32605
Phone:(352) 338-7771
Fax: (352) 379-7677
Owner: Bill Bosko
This is our charity poker run (Eagle Riders 4518) for The Fisher House of Gainesville, that we had on October 22, 2011.  Above we have
listed just a few of our sponsors.  Be sure to check out our video of the event.  We thank all of our sponsors for helping us with this poker
run, and making it possible, and ask for you to visit them.  Our first stop was Polaris of Gainesville for registrations and our 1st draw.
Above a group picture of us.  Below are a lot of pictures starting off with Polaris of Gainesville.  Just click on the picture and it will open in a
new window, then close the window and go to next picture.  The temperature around 7:30 was 41 degrees  it was well welcomed.
Below pictures of our 2nd stop at Springs Diner in High Springs, FL.  We are very familiar with Springs Diner.  The Diner is a great place to
eat breakfast and start a ride at, or eat at the end of a ride.   We have linked their website so you can get more information, they have a bike
night first Wednesday of every month from 6pm – 9pm, check it out, winter months may be different.  Every stop we had prizes to give away
Below pictures of our 3rd stop, Joe’s Place.  Another very familiar stop.  I liked the V.I.P. cards they gave all of the
riders for drink specials.  I have been using mine.  
Kickin Devil was our 4th stop.  Nice little place close to the Sonny’s on Waldo Road.  Again like I said we had a lot of
prizes to hand out here too
Last and final stop is at SunShine Eagles 4518. I did win the worst poker hand.  We spent a lot of time here too just giving out prizes,
had a good band playing.   Then that night most of the Eagle Riders came back to the club.  We had a blast.
I hope you enjoyed our poker run.  For those of you out there looking for a charity to donate to.  Please check out the Fisher House.  It
does not have to be the one in Gainesville, FL.  It can be any one in the country.   Click on the link at the top of the page for more
information.  It defiantly is a great cause.  The Eagle Riders also want to thank the Gainesville Fisher House Foundation and the
unknown individual who matched our donations, Thank You so much.  
One last note:  This was the last poker run and the last ride for the Eagle Riders 4518.  Our club SunShine Eagles 4518 Is now closed.  
We thank SunShine Eagles 4518 for the great memories, for our riding group, and the great opportunity that now we have a riding
family which is not closed, and for our motto People Helping People……..   Ride On