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Fusion Buffet Live Oak, FL 2016
Fusion Buffet Live Oak FL 3/12/2016
March 12 ·
We posted this ride on Let's Ride Gainesville, I didn't put much into it like I usually do like a break down with the itinerary, it was getting late and I wanted to get a ride
out late last night, but I did take my time and checked out some of these back roads up around Live Oak area and I got to tell you what I'm going to have to do is go
back and check out more roads. This was a cool ride we ended up eating in Live Oak at the Fusion Buffet and I've got to say the food was great the even had sushi.
The total ride was about a hundred and fifty miles After we left the buffet and right when we were crossing the river heading north, you could look over to the east
and you can see the old 129 bridge, I remember years back a lot of us got together and we put our bikes on the bridge and took some pictures, pretty neat place for
pictures have to do it again one day, Karen posted one of the pictures below on our Time Line, of that trip. We made one last stopped when we were leaving Live Oak,
and there was this lady with her walker she walked right over to the bikes and she was checking them out and she loved them, said she would take each one, after
this stop we had one last stop in High Springs and this is where we all say goodbye then everybody went their own way, like on a mission….. until next time we'll see
on the road The Google Map of the trip is posted with the link under the coments......
In the video I talked about another trip when  we crossed the bridge right after the buffet were we  took some picture of the old abandon Us 129 bridge.  Here is  a
photo album of that trip.  Also at the time the restaurant we ate at on that trip was called Juniors, it now has closed but another restaurant is there and we heard it was
good will check it out in the future.