Melrose, fl area
Marcia and I have been so busy working on our house, that we have not been riding like we use too. I hope in another month
we will be back on schedule. We did take this ride last time home. That week started it out like always at Sandy's Place. There I
took some video of the Don David Band, and put it together with our little trip to make it more interesting. You can spend hours
with all of the small roads we have in our area. Really just a mile or two from the house are some great back roads heading to
Lake City. We have explore them zig zagging for some 90 miles. This trip is only about 75 miles. There was a lot of burned
forest off of hwy Cr-18 and hwy SR-100. We ate a brunch at Blue Water Bay. The food was great, a little different. We had to just
get out and ride some. I have been wanting to make a video of our loop we do to Shack by the Tracks. That is a great ride, but
this trip has me wondering after seeing the burned areas around here, what to expect on that ride. Until next time GET OUT
AND RIDE!!  Michel & Marcia
Michel Marcia
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