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Wow, time has been flying.  I have been retired now for 6
months, I thought I would have so much time on my
hands, now I just wonder how I got every thing done when
I worked on the tugs.  Also we have had a lot going on too.
I think we are now starting to settle down. I do have a big
list of projects for the house we want to do, but I will set
time aside for riding. This trip is a little one, to Micanopy
and surrounding areas.  Also now I can check out my new
camera. This is the day after Christmas and it is cold, at
least for Florida. We met up with Jill and Cindy. On right
picture of Marcia, Cindy, and Jill just north of Gainesville
on 441. After meeting and gassing up, we made a quick
stop at Cindy's house. Cindy is new to riding. She learned
no matter how warm you are if the wind can go through
it....... Your going to be cold.
Leaving Gainesville. Even though it is cold, it feels great
to be back in the saddle. Took picture off of video
I like these back roads, woods, and seeing the moss in
the trees. We are on CR- 2082. Also this picture is taken
from the video.
This picture was from another trip here. I like finding
stuff like this Post office country store in one. Be sure
to check the links above for history of Evinston.
On the video you see the post office. Here again from
another trip is a picture of the inside of it. With the link
above they have a lot of other interesting things to see.
We decided to stop at the Harley shop in Ocala. What a
nice ride to get here, and of course we took he long
way here. Some nice horse country in the are
Leaving Ocala we headed to CR - 329 and took it all the
way to Micanopy. We ate here at the Blue Highway, the
food was great.
Here we are saying our good by's in front of the Blue
Highway pizzeria. I am going to have to get with Dave,
and do some exploring during the week to find some
more roads and places to see and eat at on the
weekend. Also be sure to check the links above for the
town of Micanopy. We rode through it, I did not video
any of downtown. Micanopy is full of history and takes
you back in time great for exploring, and is great for
pictures too. The little convenience store just past the
pizzeria also has some great ribs, you would never
think it would be so good. Also downtown has 2 places
to eat at too. As far as filming with the new camcorder,
it's heavy but seems to get the job done. I was a little
worried about dropping the camcorder, the night
before I dropped my digital camera I use for most of
the pictures on this site, and broke the camera.
So I bought a new camera we will see next trip how good it is. I also put a link for the route we took. If you have Microsoft
Streets Trips you can download it, and if you don't I have pictures of the map to help you out. See you on the road.
Michel Marcia
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