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Michel Marcia
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It was Monday or Tuesday and I was already thinking were to ride to this weekend.  So I
did like a lot of you do, start surfing the web to see what was happening.  When I
checked at Ocala HD website, I saw this Open House….. Cool I thought, demo bikes, live
bands, BIKINI CONTEST, Beer & Food, I am going.  So I posted the Ride on Let’s Ride
Gainesville, when Saturday morning came off we went.
I thought the turnout was good.  The weather was good too, not as hot as Starke was last week.
We got to meet some new friends; we met online, and see a lot of friends we have
not seen in a while.
You know looking for words……….The Guy sure had a clean bike when they
were done.  Who knows this picture may make it on Ocala Harley Davidson’s
Facebook page titled how you would describe this picture.
I noticed the rider’s course at the back of the service shop was filling up with bikes too.  
I should have spent more time getting some pictures of the bikes there.
Everybody knows James, Marcia getting her picture with James.
Now last weekend we were at Strake’s Bike Fest.  I took some
pictures and this bike was one of the pictures I took.  I decided to
add some picture from last year’s Bike Fest, and again had pictures
of this bike, then all of a sudden there was the bike again here in
Ocala  so I got some picture again this time with its owner.
Just a few pictures of bikes that caught my eye.
This is the Bobby Friss Band and they rocked, the crowd enjoyed listening to them play.  I
thought it was cool when Bobby sang while going into the crowed.
Here is Marcia with one of her friends Doug that she has not seen
in years.
Another bike that caught my eye.
While there, they served fish and chips, anybody try it.  I though the fish was great and
they gave you enough to make you feel like you did eat.  
Just one of the pictures I took that I liked.  
There is Marcia with Charley and Karen, part of our group doing what we always do having
fun.  We had quite a few with us when we left Gainesville, Marcia and I were one of the last
ones leaving, wanted to get pictures and film..
Here is the man that keeps your wheels a turning.  You know what?  I don’t think Dave likes his
picture or video taken of him.  It’s different being on the other side of the camera.
I call this good timing.  We just got here and had to park way in the back.   Just 3 or 4
bikes down she was getting here picture taken.  I asked her if I could take pictures too,
she was cool
This is Mad Hadder Band playing.  Seeing this picture also tells me it is Sunday.  We started out Sunday with a ride to High Springs.  We
were then going to go to a spring and go swimming.  The weather did not look good so we went back to Ocala, only problem I did not take
the video camera, lucky I had my little camera with me.  Next time I will have video camera too.
Oh yea, I am glad I had my little digital camera.  The International Bikini Team, they were great.  My wife Marcia is cool too! Let me tell you.  
There I was 1 digital camera in my hand taking pictures, my smart phone in the other hand trying to take pictures, my beer half full holding
it with my teeth and Marcia comes to my rescue, I heard  some laughter as she said Oh Honey let me help you before you slobber into your
beer. She is COOL.
When I look at this picture I think of my buddy Cecil I know what he would be saying.  While sipping on his beer he would look at me and
I wasn’t the only one taking pictures.
Ray and Derek just walking around seen them talking to a lot of folks...
Met some more of our Facebook friends Rob & Jay from Lake City. Looked like they were doing some serious test rides.
Well this brings us to the end.  We had a great time, enjoyed everything.  And will be watching Ocala’s website and Facebook for the next
event.  Until then         JUST GET OUT AND RIDE!!!!!!