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St. Augustine
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It is almost hard to believe all the trips to Outback Crab Shack and we never took any video.  Today it's Marcia & I, Steve & Jill,
and Cindy who just got her new bike.  Jill said she wanted to go to Outback Crab Shack and I took the camera this time.  Man
what a nice day.  The temperature is suppose to get into the 60's.  I like it when you can dress for the weather.  Here we are in
front of the Shack.  From left to right, Jill, Marcia, and Cindy.
This is their dock in the back of the Shack.  I said on the video it must be a mile, it's not, click on their link up above and you can get all
kind of information with their menu, maps, pictures, and the length of their dock.  It's always a great atmosphere here.  On the
weekend you will see plenty of other bikes.  The first time here we still had our boat Dock Knocker 2, ate here and spent the night.  
The picture above is a little distorted it is about 4 pictures stitched together.
Again this is several pictures stitched together to give you an idea of the back of the Shack.  I have been there once or twice when they
had a one man band playing.  I didn't notice him this time.  I do remember leaving here with a full belly which took a few miles before I
was comfortable on the bike.  
Another picture of inside the Shack.  Definitely
has that authentic look,  with it's wood floors and
old look.
Here I am at my happiness right before eating.  Like
always the food was Great.  Also St. Augustine is just
20 miles or so up the road.
One more picture before we leave.  We have a map of our route we took from Gainesville up above just click on the map link.  This
route has some nice roads especially Hwy 21 we took from Melrose, Hwy 20 then to Palatka is nice too with a lot of little lakes along the
way.  Of course just past Hastings you want Hwy 13  which runs along the St. Johns a real nice road.  Heading home we went through
Green Cove Springs to Starke on Hwy 16 which is also a nice road especial going through Penney Farms.  We stop in Starke and said
our good bye's .  Marcia and I took Hwy 100 to Cr 235 another nice road the last scene of the video and then home.  Man it is the
weekend and I am here on the boats, making this web page and ready to ride.   Like I said below are some pictures from other trips to
the Outback Crab Shack.  Until next time hope to see you on the road.  
Click above for their link and more
information and, how to get to the
Outback Crab Shack
Michel Marcia
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