Police motorcycle
Hello everybody, This week was the Bikers on Parade weekend, and just like last year the day before the parade they held
the riders. Unfortunately I had to take 2 days off at my job on the tugs, and did not get to the rodeo for the start, and I had
to leave a few minutes before the last run. The weather was great.
Now that we have taken the class that our friends at Ride Like a Pro have, and studied their DVD's, it gives us a pretty good idea what
the motormen are up against. I have to say having had the class and practiced with the DVD’s, it makes me wish that I could give the
rodeo a try, defiantly not to break any records, just for fun. I am sure any others that have taken the Ride Like a Pro course and seen the
DVD's would agree with me.
I also enjoyed watching them practice when the breaks came. You know there is only one way to find you limitations and a
couple of them did find it. I have always wondered how much the crowd can take away from their run, especially with some
one like me video taping?
Picture below was taking between one of the breaks. One of the motor Officers son about 6 or 7 took his toy motorcycle out
on the course. I do not have any pictures of this but did get him in the beginning of the video. Pay attention if you watch the
video he gets out there and sees bikes entering the course and you can hear him say to them to be careful, it did get a laugh
from people close enough to hear him.
We should have got a better view of these floor boards,
you can tell in the picture that they are a little worn out, I
should have also taken before and after pictures with all
the scraping.
Hope to see you there next year. Next time I would like to
make a better video with pictures and a word or two from the
competitors. Until then, Ride Safe, Just Get Out and Ride.
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