Shack by the track
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Now we get on hwy 228 which is a nice back road. The road is in good condition and starts out from Lake Butler and goes
around the lake itself. Hwy 228 has some nice curves, and is a smaller road in width. You will see a lot of farms, and pastures.
Next is a left turn on Hwy 229 which is very similar to Hwy 228. We took this across Hwy 90 and merged to the right onto Hwy
127. Again a nice county road. Hwy 127 runs into Hwy 2 which will turn into Hwy 94 in Georgia. Hwy 94 is out in the middle of
nowhere, it is a bigger road and more for making time than taking in the sites. On 94 you will go straight at the stop light for
Hwy 121. Now I do not have the name of the new paved road to make a right on, I have looked at my map programs and there
is no name for it. But it is 275 yards on the right from the stop light. Now this is where the feast begins. Man their ribs are
GREAT. They are so tender that even the gristle is tender. The atmosphere is exactly what I am looking for. This is what I think
of for a country ride, and you can't get any more country for a place to eat. You most likely will see other bikes here. This trip
as we arrived a group of bikers where heading back to Jacksonville. It would be a great place for friends from surrounding
areas to meet up. We made a copy of there menu it is on a link above.
Every time I ate here I have always got their ribs. But looking at their menu, they have a lot to chose from. I always
wanted to get a desert, but never had the room. Now if there is such a thing as a bad part of the trip, this is the time it
will come up. After eating all that food, it sometimes can be very uncomfortable getting back on the bike. Now heading
going past Hwy 90 we made a right on Mud Lake road. This road will run back into Hwy 229 which we made a left on and
back tracked to Alachua.
this was a different trip than the two routes we have. But if you are doing the long route the
bikes would be facing the other direction. The reason I am showing this picture is if you are
low on gas make a left here, and go to Fargo. If not just make a right to go to St. George. If
you have the time you should try the long route out. Again it is mainly country roads and a
great ride. And the long route will take you back to Alachua on the same roads that the
short route is on, after you have had lunch. Ride Safe, Just Get Out and Ride. Michel
Pictures of other trips to Shack by the Track
Now this is one of my favorite trips. If you love country roads, and love to eat, this trip is for you. Shack by the Track is
located in St. George, Georgia. Above on the Yahoo interactive map are two routes. We did the short route this time, it is
about 140 miles (round trip) starting and ending in Alachua, FL. The long route is also great, and it too is all country back
roads, be prepared have cash or check there is no credit cards accepted here.  We took Hwy 121 to Lake Butler and this is
where our ride really starts.  This page is old I just keep adding to it.  The new video above was added 5/9/2011 and the GPX
file & Garmin file was added then too.  They are of the 140 mile route.  We will be adding Google Maps of both the short and
long route soon.  Also the menu posted is only about 6 years old I will get a new one next time.
Our maps
of the trip
Below is our old video of the trip did not want to get rid of it.  I think
it's around 2005.  It is on You Tube...    Michel T
Michel Marcia
Michel Marcia
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