Starke Bike Fest 2011
This ride was posted on
Let's Ride Gainesville
Pictures below are of 2010 again just a few hours
This was another ride posted on Let’s Ride Gainesville.  We took some nice back roads
to Starke, nice riding all back roads and your there.  Picture below is where we meet in
Gainesville by the Home Depot & Subway on Hwy 441.
For us leaving Gainesville we headed north on 441 then hung a right onto 121 then right on 231 then
right on CR 235 Then one more right onto SR – 100 and strait into Starke.
Here we are in Starke, starting our exploring on Call Street.  I like checking everything out, bikes, people, etc…..
Last year we came to this event too.   I took pictures and video and right before this event realized I
never made a video of the Bike Fest.  On this page I have at the bottom put some of last year’s
pictures.  First thing I noticed is the above picture which I took this year, I also took last year.
I see Victory of Gainesville is out here.  I have got to say this year I think was the
hottest I ever remember at Starke Bike Fest.
Here we are deciding where we are going to eat.  I can read Karen’s mind something like…  Did I see a Junior Ranger, or
Where did Junior Ranger go?  You will have to watch our Natchez Trace video when I finish it to follow this….
Another picture before we went inside a restaurant to eat
something and get out of the heat.
Chrissy's OLD Meeting HSE Café.  This is where we ended up eating
at.  Service was fast and the food was good.  And the A/C worked great.
Just finished eating and back on the street exploring.   In the back ground you can see a train going by.  I think it is cool
seeing them going through town.  In the video you can see a train coming and as it passes you see the camera shake
real good that is the big blast of air the train was pushing.
This is one of my favorite pictures I took.  Looking east towards U.S. 301
Now looking to the west
Looking at both directions at pretty much the same spot.
Now I took a few pictures of this bike.  It really caught Marcia’s eye.  I got to say I really
liked the bike.  Whoever’s bike this is you got a nice one.  My only problem is I seem to
always get a black bike….. I love them.
I am seeing more and more Spyders out there.  We have two in our group, cool looking.
I don’t think so.  I am married and know better.  Most likely ½ of yours is hers, and all of the other
side is hers too.  But cool looking, and wishful thinking.
Yea I only live 30 or so miles from here over in Alachua.  I do think next year I will get a motel just so I can
check everything out,  I am sure there is a lot going on really interested, also I have always notice just
staying at the motels can be pretty cool meeting more of you.
Last year we started out from Gainesville again this was one of our Let’s Ride Gainesville posted rides.  Our first stop was in
Waldo at this restaurant, which is under another ownership now I think.
It was cooler.  I think there were more bands playing during the day.  I sure hope this Bike Fest continues to grow.  Starke is a cool
town, and to me looks like a great main street (Call Street) for this event.  One other thing that is great about this location you can go
in all four directions and there are some neat little day trips you can make.  We have a few of these here on our web site.  From here
you can take a break make a ride over to the Out Back Crab Shack about 30 minutes away, another about 30 minutes is Clarks Fish
Camp & Whiteys Fish Camp we have web page of both.  Then if you like Ribs bring your helmet and head into Georgia can’t be more
than 1 hour from here and visit Shack by the Tracks again here on our web site.  I am sure I have a few more.  Not trying to take
business away from Starke but more to open the road up for you, so you can get some riding in to.
In our riding group we have our own Cowgirl.  Got to say she is a great sport.
Well I am running out of words.  But I am still put the pictures below to look at, maybe you’re in them.
Here is the bike I have a picture of this year and here is the picture I took last year.
After we left Starke Bike Fest last year we did make one more stop here at Knuckle Draggers.  This year everyone
left at different times.  Marcia and I stayed awhile and went home passing Knuckle Draggers and they looked just as
busy this year as last year.  We didn’t stop this time Marcia had to get home, she worked that night.  More dog
bisques for our puppies and beer for me….  See You Next Year.  
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