Steinhatchee Trip
Rock Bluff
General Store
Bell, FL
Saturday April 3, 2010, here we are in Alachua gasing up ready to
head to Steinhatchee, FL. Harold and Bonnie is riding with us. We
are taking the long way. After Steinhatchee we will be heading
north for a while to the area around Perry, FL
This was a neat little stop on CR - 340 just before the Suwannee River, on the outskirts of
Bell, FL. Rock Bluff General Store I always like to look up on the internet with places we
go to and see if there is any links. I did find one for here on the top of the page I put the
link, but it is a real state link.
Still at Rock Bluff General Store just kicking back. I
haven’t tried their food here but will next time.
Sometimes places like this have some great food. Has
me wanting to go back right now to check it out.
Here we are in Steinhatchee, in front of Fiddlers Restaurant. The
place looked great from the outside. They had the section with the
scenery overlooking the water close this day.  So we head on
down the road. Here is another place we are looking forward to
checking out in the future.
One more picture of Fiddler's restaurant in Steinhatchee.
In front of Roy's, this is where we ate at this trip. The food no complaints and
we had a good view too.  As you can see other bikes show up here too.
We had great weather this trip. From here we headed north on CR - 361 to just south of
Perry and then to Hwy US 27 back home.
When we made it to Branford we stopped at Ivey Memorial Park, and again just kicked back and enjoy the company, and the
scenery.  When looking on the web I could not find much information on this park which kind of surprised me.  Picture on the
right Marcia and me.
This was our last stop. We stayed here awhile, talked about the ride, then said our good-bys to Harold and Bonnie and
headed home. Oh yea looking on the web I did find this
picture of Ivey Memorial Park from the flooding in 2009.
I don't know how many times I have crossed on the bridge in the picture, and never until now stopped to enjoy this little park.
Well that brings an end to this trip. Hope to see you on the road.  Like always JUST GET OUT AND RIDE!!!
Michel Marcia
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