st. petersburg, fl
alachua to st.
January 26, 2008We have been trying to make an Overnight-er every other week. One thing you can not plan on is the weather.
Saturday morning we for some breakfast. We took hwy 19  alternate 19 to the inn at St. Petersburg. With the rain I could not film on the
way down. The return trip home I did film a little, but seemed cumbersome with all the clothes I had on to move the camera around.
America's Best Inn downtown St. Petersburg.Arrived
about 2 pm. As usual we unpacked and headed out to
check downtown out. We saw the pier and after a little
bit of riding we went to it. They charge for parking,
before we paid I asked it they had any noticed a few
go back in time and see what it looked like then, and
the surroundings. I believe there were about 20 rooms
and the price seemed very reasonable. And like usual
we met some pretty good people there.
On the left we are on the pier at Captain Al's, which was a great bar, and they have a good size dinning room too. We had reservations at
the Red Mesa with Steve's brother and sister-in-law and her brother. Mexican food is what they serve. When we arrived we had a 30
minute wait. The bar just opened, there were seven of us and there was seven bar stools so that worked out fine. I was impressed
watching the chef and his crew cooking which I had a birds eye view from were I was sitting.
I have not eaten much at Mexican restaurants so I was really watching
the cooks and the plates they had prepared to give me an Idea what to
order. If I can't say it, I can describe it. The food was great, we had a
good time too. didn't mind. It defiantly would have been great if we had
more time here to explore, more time, more money. The Inn keepers
were very friendly. We met in the parlor with Steve & Jill and started
talking about what we wanted to see the next day on the way home.
They did have a Bike Expo, I would have liked to go, but that would have
taken to much time. We took a different route home. Hwy 60 to 301 then
441. We did stop at Brandon Harley Davidson for a good 45 minutes.
I know Marcia is in her element right now. Any time we make an over night trip, for one or more nights she is excited. I got to say its
great to get out and explore, and even though we got wet, it still make all the difference to us by taking the bikes, it's just wouldn't be
the same with out them.
Here we are getting back to our regular riding area, still on hwy 301
in Wildwood. Heading north on 301 just a little before the overpass
is the Ole Coffee House. Now it's chow time. They serve a buffet on
Sundays, they may serve one every day I don't know. The food
made one more stop at Pearls in Micanopy to say our good byes
and headed home. The whole way home from there I was
wondering where Marcia's mind was taking us to next. I'll find out
soon. Until next time, Ride Safe.... JUST GET OUT AND RIDE Michel
& Marcia
Michel Marcia
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