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Stumpknockers this is a great little restaurant located in Dunnellon, FL.  We had a nice country ride going through horse country around the
Ocala area.  So the trip really avoided a lot of traffic.  Nothing like a nice country road on a sunny day with the wind hitting your face and just
taking in the sights, we had 23 people with us.  We called Stumpknockers and spoke to Samantha who took care of us.  Above we are at our
usual meeting place, everybody glad to see each other and saying hi.
Here is Steve and Missy pulling up ready to go.  Just the part
of everybody meeting up before the ride is fun.  
More bikes showing up soon it will be time that time.  It sure is nice
now to have Subway open and they serve breakfast.  Coffee is always
a must!
One last picture above before we left.  Like I said earlier nice back country roads.  We have put links to the trip at the top of the page.  Two of
the links are maps of the trip.  One from Gainesville to Stumpknockers the way we went and the other the route home back to Gainesville &
Alachua.  If you follow our maps one important note heading to Stumpknockers is when you make that right unto Hwy 200 it has 3 lanes, but
soon the right lane will drop and makes it 2 lanes and not more that a quarter mile later the right lane ends again making it now 2 way traffic.  
Nice thing to know when you have a large group.  2 things I like about these new smart phones.  1 you can download the maps right into your
smart phone and it will show the route.  You can zoom in or even view in Google Earth.  It is not a GPS but shows route on phone and where
you are too.  The second thing I like if you get a chance view the You Tube video on your smart phone that is where you get the best quality.
Stumpknockers, we are here.  This is a nice place, everything about it, food, scenery, and
hospitality.  It has been a few years since Marcia and I ate here, and I question why it’s been so
long.  We got off our bike and walked right in.  They had a long table all set up for us.  After ordering
we had to check the (what I call back yard) out.  What a relaxing sight.  
It always amazes me with our group.  We always entertain ourselves.  I mean it could almost anything.  Let’s see in Panama City it was an
iron pipe design and man we started having a blast with it.  Joking about it, thinking of ways to use it etc… Just the other day, I can’t
remember what object it was, but I remember Karen saying it does not take much; our group was at it again.  So you can imagine our group
when they see this fake gator!!!
I thought it was a tie between Mike shown here, and the group of Kim, Brian,
Missy, Wayne, and John which I did not get a picture of
but do have them on video.
I guess I am slipping a little bit here.  I did not get a picture
of the front of the restaurant.  But here is a picture looking
from the river up to the restaurant.  
Now come on, doesn’t the picture above look cool?  I mean I am into places like this.  Somewhere behind me is the dock or ramp for
Captains Mikes Lazy Rive Cruise.  No we did not see the boat, but I did do some checking on the internet and found their web site.  I think you
have to call and give 72 hour notice to take the cruise; the web page is there for you if interested.   Oh God could you imagine our group on
the River Cruise!!!  They got real gators out there too.    Well now we are getting closer to the ending of our trip.  I thank Samantha for setting
us up, and the waitresses that served us did a great job.  We had a good time.  Everybody was happy with their meal.  We will be here again.
The rest of the pictures here are of our group.  Here we are stopped only about ¼ mile west of Stumpknockers getting gas and ready to head
home.  We did take a different route home.  It too was nice, but the trip there I think was nicer.  On the route home soon as we left this gas
station we made a right onto E Withlacoochee Trail which ran into Hwy 41 which we took all the way to Archer.  From Archer we stopped and
said good bye to everyone.  From Archer everyone went there own way.
Well until next time, hope you enjoyed our little story and video of the trip.  This ride was posted on Let's Ride Gainesville I have a link at the top
of the page for them, along with a link for Eagle Riders because a lot of the riders on this trip are Eagle Riders.   Also if any of you especial in
North Central Florida and South Georgia know of any of these neat back wood restaurants drop me an email.  I am always interested in checking
out new places.  
Ending this like always
Michel Marcia
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