Support our Troops Ride 2011
8th Annual
This was a fun event.  Marcia and I are with the Eagle Riders (Sun Shine 4518), and when I heard our group was going to
participate in the event, you know I grabbed my camera and got some pictures and video.  The weather was nice, still
comfortable not hot.  I dread the summer heat.  We kind of modified the route and did our own ride and made it back for
lunch. With a little stop at Pearls in Micanopy.  I was thinking about their ribs and almost decided to eat there but I had
already paid for my meal so I passed.
More and more bikes started showing up.
On the left is our midway point of our ride, with a quick stop at Pearls in Micanopy, then some more country
roads back to the recreation center.  Right picture the parking area was starting to fill up again, everybody
back for lunch.
Looked like TV 20 was there.  I missed it on the news that night would have loved to see the interview.  I
tried to find it on line with no luck maybe I checked too soon, if I do find it I will try to link it on this page.
Dee & Mike on the left and some bikes on the right.  I am just walking around getting some pictures here.
More bikes
Here is our group having a good time.
This is Dorene Webster, she sang our National
Anthem.  She sounded great, nicely done.  Thank You
Music was by Dave Whitewolf Trezak, sounded
great and enjoyed listen to him sing.
They had auctions and the Military Support Group of Alachua County there.  Also I was glad I did not
eat at Pearls,  I mean the food at Pearls is great,  when I heard hey were having pasta here I was not
too thrilled, man the food was GREAT meat balls sauce, sausage, and the deserts, I enjoyed it.  
It was a great day, we enjoyed it.  They also gave a lot of prizes out, I mean a lot.  They also
gave a lot of prizes for donuts too or it might have been the options I forgot, but I still want to get
some donuts ever since that day.  THANK YOU to our TROOPS and VET’S see you next year.
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Pitt BBQ
Michel Marcia
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