Telford Hotel
White Springs, FL
Music by Jerry
Motorman Palladino
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You know I can always say this is a neat ride with the ride we are doing, but they always
seem to be a great ride.  This was another ride posted on Let’s Ride Gainesville.  I think
we had 20 bikes and 30 people, and one car.  
Here we are waiting in the Home Depot parking lot by Subway.  The Subway just opened
a few months ago and it has been a great asset for us, we can get something to eat and
drink a couple cups of coffee before we take off.
Slowly our group will grow as we are waiting for everybody to show up.  It amazes me sometime you think that you might get 3 – 6 bikes and you end up with
20 plus.  We have a great time before the ride in the parking lot joking and planning other rides, and today talking about the buffet, man I was ready then, and
now writing this again I am ready.
Now the ride here was nice, I think we allowed 1 ½ hours to get here.  This is our bunch today in front of the Telford Hotel.  I love old towns, old
buildings, and I am already loving this place.  Most of the ride was on country roads which make it even better.  
Ed told me we had 20 bikes, above are two pictures of most of the bikes, what a neat place.  I walked around for a few minutes while everyone else went
inside.  I just like checking the place out a little and taking some pictures.  This also gave me a chance to play with our new camcorder which also took
these pictures.
Just one more picture before I go inside to eat.  I put a link on this page of the hotel too.  Looks like it is a Bed & Breakfast
too.  We have past through White Springs many times.  This Telford is just off of the main road we always travel on.  Be
sure to check the Google map which shows our route we took and where the Hotel is located at.
Alright here we are inside starting to feast at the buffet!  I know I already said the food was great, I went up 3 times not counting the last time for
desert.  The last time for desert I found the big plates and loaded up.  Also on the above picture on the right is me.
Now my friends, this is where you have to be very careful after consuming large quantizes of food.  Rocking chairs,
comfortable chairs, couches, and (thank God there are not to many of these) hammocks, can unintentionally add hours
to you day trip!  So avoid these at all cost.
At this time I have finished my meal and I am outside trying to get comfortable with my new weight and waist size
before getting on the bike.  So while waiting for this overcoming feeling I took some more pictures.
Here is another picture of the Telford, more off a side view.  On this trip we did take one way ride to the Telford, and
when we left we took another route.
Okay the last picture before we head back home.
Here we made our last stop in Worthington Springs for everybody to say good-by. I can tell you for June it was hot.  
With our group you never know what will happen next.  At the end here one of the bikes had some music playing
and the next thing you see some of our group line dancing right by the gas pumps.  
Also a special thanks to Jerry Motorman Palladino for his song that I used in the video.
Until next time I hope you can;
Michel Marcia
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