Whitey's Fish Camp
Orange Park, FL
Steve and Barbara had mention they wanted to make a trip to Whitey's Fish
Camp.  At the time I did not realize that we have been there many years
ago.  This is a very neat place; the food was great other than Marcia had me
started on a diet.  But what I could eat was great.
Marcia is looking like she is doing great, wonder what those bees stung her with. Harold & Bonnie are on the other side
here.  The temperature is at very hot man I am so ready for fall.  I will try to retrace our trip and put a link for the map of
our trip. Looking at the map making this video has already given me some other roads to check out maybe this week.
What I have noticed
video plays best using
the HD-720
so click on the arrow
and select the 720
The first thing caught my eye here was the sign just below Whitey's Fish Camp which said all the Crab Legs you can eat on Monday!!!!  That
sign was one of those computer regulated signs which would shift to different adds.  Atmosphere here great, we ate inside it was 96 degrees at
the time.  I realized after a while that we had been here many years ago on our bike..... two up.  That was a while back.
Now this is a pretty cool picture of the view in the back of Whitey's.  Like I said we ate inside, but afterwards we did go out on the dock and took
in the view.  With the tempture I was ready to jump in the water, it looked very inviting.  We enjoyed the sights for about 15 minutes and then
headed back to the bikes.
You notice no one is here in the picture.  Now and then I will go back to the bike etc.... and take a few more pictures. This is one of those times.
here is Marcia's bike, My bike, Steve's bike, and Harold’s Spider.  Also some great free advertisement for Susan's Total Image.
This is another place we have stop at in another trip. One of the books Marcia read by Eugenia Price to be exact book 3 of Florida Trilogy
Margaret's Story.  The characters of the book are buried here.
Here we are in front of St. Margarets Episcopal Church.  You ever push a button by accident.  Harold did his speed odometer is now in KPH
instead of MPH.  You will also notice on the last picture of our trip Harold is still pushing buttons.
St. Augustine Harley Davidson, Like I said on the video we stopped here a few years ago and I had the opportunity to speak with the former
owns Mrs. Hollingsworth.  She impressed me, she took the time and spoke to me at least 30 min. I am sure longer than that.  She told me how
they were into racing years ago and lots more....... before I finished talking to her I asked her if she still rode.  She had one of those looks like I
can't believe you are asking me that look, Mrs. Hollingsworth still rode.  In the video Harold mentioned to me she was one of the first ladies in
Harley Davdison racing. I looked on the internet and could not confirm this one way or the other. I called St. Augustine Harley Davidson and
asked them. They all knew of Mrs. Hollingsworth but could not give me a firm answer. Raced or not She is one very classy Lady.
Like I said on a previous trip we stopped here.  One of our close friends Jill wrote a fictional story of the events that happened here.  I mean the
story happened but she added on.  It was pretty good, enough to make the hairs on may arm stand up.  Maybe she will let me add it on one day
so keep checking back.
Once again we are at the end of our trip.  Harold is still pushing buttons. We defiantly had a great time again. I ordered a new A/C for my bike
will be sent in early October. Hope you enjoyed the trip. Until next time see you on the road.  When you can,
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