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It's Sunday 2/10/2008 we just made the Kingsley Plantation trip yesterday. We
spoke to Dave & Glo earlier in the week about making a Sunday trip. Noting big
planed, just one of those get out and ride, which also meant no getting up early.
The weather again was just great! We met around 10 am and headed out, with no
trees, that at certain areas from a distance it looked like the road was leading into
a cave. I also made a harness for my camera so I could have more movement ,
and really wanted to play with the camera and see if I could get different angles
with the video. I would just jump from one of our favorite roads to another. Next
thing I know we were in Micanopy. Close to noon now I thought the Yearling
would be a great place to ride. Plus it has been a while since we ate there, but we
took the long way there. We went through Micanopy and got on Hwy 234 to Hwy
320 just another nice ride. When we got to McIntosh we headed north on 441 but
took that little road to Evinston Hwy 225. This is one road I could spend hours on,
if it just was a little longer.
About every time we stop or ride by the Yearling we have seen
motorcycles parked there, no different today. Met one person from
Tampa just got there as we were leaving. They have Willie Green
singing blues there with his guitar, and harmonica. Taking in the whole
picture, in the middle of nowhere, nice country back roads, old town,
and the swamp look, the Yearling restaurant and hearing, Willie
singing the blues gives you the feeling you have just gone back in
time, it's cool.I have started the menu for the Yearling but have not
finished it yet. They have a good selection of entr'ees. Today I missed
hearing Willie sing. He was not there. After our meal we headed back
to the bikes, as I was going out the front porch Willie had just arrived,
bad timing for us. Below are some pictures we took before leaving.
One on the right is when we just pulled up, you can see in the
background other bikes have arrived.
After leaving the Yearling we headed to Hwy 301 took it north to Hwy 26 then
our back way to the house. I did play a bit with the camera these 3 pictures are
part of the video, I am able to capture the frame with the editing software I use
which helped out because I only used 2 pictures form the regular camera on
We walked from the restaurant to the bridge to get a better picture of the Yearling. Then on to the bridge and took a picture of the creek.
Now looking at that picture all I can think of is Gator Country. Defiantly a picture of what I would call the deep south. I think we stayed on
the bridge for about 5 to 10 minutes just taking the sight in. Looks kinda cool.
You know it does not matter, big trip, little trip, just getting out and ridings sure seems to energize your soul. This week we have not made
any definite plans of where to ride. We talked a little about Mount Dora, and Holly in the Hills, who knows, but trips especially with Marcia
and Jill seem to come out of nowhere. Until next time ride safe.....JUST GET OUT AND RIDE. Michel & Marcia
and each hour from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is $3 for adults and $2 for children 6-12. Children under 5 are admitted free. Each tour is Also
in Cross Creek is the home of author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. She came to Florida in 1928, during the Depression from Washington,
limited to 10 people and the house is closed in August and September. For more information contact the MKR State Historic Site, Route 3,
Box 92, Hawthorne, FL 32640. (352) 466-3672.
Michel Marcia
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